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  1. Lorenz

    I really love this song, every time a hear it i cry

  2. shadow i

    wish 1000 doves would be performed at the inauguration instead

  3. Dee

    This song is like "I will always love you" by Whitney, but even better and has more feelings in it. Perfection ❤️

  4. Jacqueline POTHIN

    Lucas 34💪❤💘👄

  5. Nicole MARSHALL

    I am watching this video from yesterday to now

  6. Olga Bleich


  7. Mikolaj Kosinski

    Her songs are 🔥

  8. Chem

    Did anyone else play this on that one kenect Xbox 360 game?

  9. Eastern08

    Lady gaga could teach astronomy

  10. Thảo Phan

    Cdxl :))

  11. Quinn Adamson

    OLG AD: “Life is Perfect Lady Gaga: LOOK AT US OLG Me: Eh My Life isn’t perfect as it seems ;-;

  12. LikeSlime


  13. Konstantina Efstathiou

    to this day this song gives me unimaginable power

  14. Danylo i

    bad Romance: 1 billion Shallow: 1billoin Poker Face: Approximate 1billion Just Dance: Come 1billoin

  15. LikeSlime


  16. Lea Christine

    Shes everything

  17. Reed Tuggle

    What did Gaga say to Ari?

  18. Andres Alarcon Garcia

    Sigo esperando el vídeo ☹️🙂

  19. Rachel Mielke

    commenting on behalf of JUANITA DIXON who loves your support of the President Elect Joe Biden <3 <3

  20. Belinda Peregrín Schull

    Rumo aos 100M

  21. Gabriel Costa ART

    Vem 100 milhões

  22. Lam Tra

    Love you.

  23. Asia

    Love have amazing forms. A being who emanates love no matter where he is, is very lucky. I see the record of your heart. This is a big heart regardless of the illusion of visible.

  24. Tonya Whitehead

    Disgust and REPULSION!!

  25. Diego Gonzalez

    Me encanta la canción

  26. NormanJ Gomez

    Now this a beautiful masterpiece 🙌 Felíz Viernes mí reina divina 👸🥀🎼☕💙

  27. P O R S C H E C O N N E C T I O N

    I love you

  28. felia williams


  29. Ayoub Zaydan


  30. David Chen

    I love the first song haha

  31. Tori Kayy

    To me the song is... not so great 🤷🏻‍♀️ BUT the video and dance moves are fire 🔥!! This is just my opinion 😔.

  32. Oz Pilot

    It's her song, nobody performs it better than her, game over. What a talent.

  33. Z Dark

    Que bonito da parte da Paula Fernandes de emprestar a música pra Lady Gaga :)

  34. Beach House Onthesea

    Damn, you guys really hate tiktok.. Welp I'm here to see the queen 👑

  35. Kayza Ravena

    Alguém em 2021?

  36. ARCHER

    Why are the comment sections calendars

  37. Ayton75 Aylton

    muito top nossa

  38. Adel Laichi


  39. enzo matheus rocha

    2021: it´s a perfect illusion

  40. Caio Peglow

    Like GUY’s!

  41. Tiago Pereira

    this song deserves way better

  42. Caio Peglow

    1M views to 100M!!!

  43. Akhatzhan Bob

    Death stranding 🌚👍🏼 DLC

  44. Tiago Pereira

    this video deserves so many more views...

  45. Tiago Pereira

    this song deserved so much more

  46. AL Capone

    Red One 🇲🇦❤🇲🇦

  47. Tiago Pereira


  48. Julianne Francesca Ablen

    I was 5 when this came out and I sang this a lot on karaoke before lol 11 years later, still iconic 🔥

  49. Lizandra Santos

    Ag g2

  50. Szymon Lampa

    If your watching this in 2021 you a legend

  51. Ryan santos

    Quem ta ouvindo em 2021?

  52. bluefusion348

    Brain On Me

  53. Mikaela Loren

    It's been a decade but I'm still waiting for the continuation.

  54. Kaleb IsMe

    I used to think it was saying “fuh-fuh-fuck her face” 😳😂

  55. Chandler C

    Who is this actor in 2:19 ?

  56. Mysterious City

    Great but sad

  57. Антон Таскаев

    Моя Королева 👑

  58. Jonas Taguiam

    2021 anyone?❤️

  59. Mikaela Loren

    Up until now this is still the most controversial song ever released. 💯✨

  60. sportsdevil86

    Still one of the greatest SUPERBOWL performances ever!

  61. Mikaela Loren

    The aesthetic of this MV still looks like fresh and current. Gaga is always ahead of her time. Legendary! ✨

  62. Nadia Esposito

    My song. ♡

  63. Brett Isaacs

    Idk who's the bigger skank her or madonna

  64. Legend Daboss


  65. n g

    Acts 2:38 Go to heaven my friends. Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit :)

  66. Tatiele Pontes

    Apaixonada nessa música, ouvindo a música pela vigésima vez 🥰😍🥺🥺

  67. M M


  68. John Lester Felisilda

    I love this song. Our school was always playing this song in our flag ceremony every morning. I miss those days ❤️

  69. Danny Bonaventura

  70. cha cha


  71. Luisa Phillips


  72. Joelma Show

    Vem 100 Milhões! ♡

  73. Sebastián. alias:Benito camelas


  74. theboss monkas

    Is this from gta 5 radio?

  75. Daniela Castillo


  76. ツGamingTomツ

    Literally nobody Tik tok with this song : 🙎‍♂️ 🧥 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 🩳 👟👟

  77. Slavko Švigelj

    Ne maram te

    1. Suga's baby girl


  78. Alberto Enríquez

    A reproducir mis hermostras.

  79. scott emerson


  80. molly 11

    Arianna SHIT