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  1. Russel Jane Faner

  2. Alex Molina

    1 year!!

  3. Joshua R

    2009... goddamn I feel old. Maybe its just me, but it just seems like music was better back then.

  4. Russel Jane Faner

  5. Matheus Melgaço


  6. Curtis Clarence

    Bad romance stay single

  7. Jhonnatan lipa

    100,000,000M 🌈

  8. Ozaias Santos

    This song made me gay when I was 10.

  9. Russel Jane Faner

    Vim de born this way pelo comentário de alguem

  10. Russel Jane Faner

  11. Russel Jane Faner

  12. Russel Jane Faner

  13. Luke Gonzales

    As a true lil monster i notice that 3:42 is lyric change to “work it, im a free bit baby” instead of “work it, im a free bitch baby”

  14. Russel Jane Faner

  15. Vive le fromage

    she’s an icon

  16. Janet Lopez

    Omg lol I love this song hahaha

  17. Russel Jane Faner

  18. Russel Jane Faner

  19. bora ser aleatorio

    Algum BR em 2021? Amo as músicas da lady gaga

  20. HJL Air H6Fly

    Soil so angry with this song

  21. Russel Jane Faner

  22. Russel Jane Faner

  23. Russel Jane Faner

  24. Russel Jane Faner

  25. trof's music

    Can somebody look my Channel i do slowed N reverb! I'm new on THwikis

  26. JaXSton

    i think the outfit is uncomfy when wet

  27. Russel Jane Faner

  28. elly holm


  29. Russel Jane Faner

  30. Russel Jane Faner

  31. Will Dorten

    Lady Gaga doesn't even deserve to be in the same song as Ariana Grande. Yet, if that's what hollywood insists on, so be it. I like the song. I'm not gunna lie. I like Lady Gaga's role in it as well. I just think, Ariana is so fucking talented, she should be on a cloud somewhere, hovering over Gaga.

  32. Russel Jane Faner

  33. Russel Jane Faner

  34. Russel Jane Faner

  35. JG48 plays


  36. het spijt me cemi

    This song is 3 days befor i was born

  37. Russel Jane Faner

  38. Russel Jane Faner

  39. Tom. gbr

    here we are , 1 year it makes me emotional krkrkrkr

  40. Russel Jane Faner

  41. はむちぃ


  42. สามารถ ชวนเกษม


  43. Russel Jane Faner

  44. Russel Jane Faner

  45. iiiaxdrey

    0:57 why do i hear 'pewdiepie' instead of something else

  46. Russel Jane Faner

  47. Mike O

    really? dogs? i love my dogs, but wtf? handler got shot 4 times! half million for the dogs. what about half million for the murderer of her friend??

  48. Russel Jane Faner

  49. Russel Jane Faner

  50. Russel Jane Faner

  51. Russel Jane Faner

  52. Russel Jane Faner

  53. Aide Aguirre

    #Diva #GaGa4Ever

  54. ana

    1 YEAR 💗⚔💞

  55. Matthewmusic

    she looks 80 years old

  56. Angelo Sbaffo

    Excuse moi lady Gaga 🤪 encore 👍 juste pour te prévenir 🧐 envoie moi ta femme de ménage 🥴 avant 😎 que tu passes chez moi 🤓

  57. Marta N.

    Very talented person ❤

  58. Jack Fulford

    Alesha Walker😢😭

  59. Артём Милаенко

    Siliver arkade

  60. MaB Device

    This vid get like a million views a week

  61. Marcelo Lima

    1 year 💞

  62. Matilde Falcão

    Not me thinking about nate and Serena

  63. LeeSamaFan1Byr

    Its quite surreal to see a song that was popular when I was young as a stand.

  64. Mohammed Benouis

    Tu as un petit copain

  65. Mohammed Benouis

    La meilleure chanson que j'ai jamais vu c'est celle de Lady Gaga et c'est l'heure du coup je te félicite je t'aime beaucoup merci merci merci merci je t'aime très fort

  66. Syed Kushal

    This reminds me of my childhood 😭

  67. Volkan Sorkuncuk

    Kerimcan Durmaz- Peşimde SINGLE "OUT NOW"

  68. Richie Kim

    Happy birthday Stupid Love. Can’t believe Chromatica era started a year ago.

  69. Blessed Boy

    Há um ano, Lady Gaga o icônico single de seu sexto álbum CHROMATICA, seguidos de 2 vídeos. Saudades dessa era que mal comecara.😥💕

  70. Niko Moro

    Lady, tu sei lo standard della musica!.. Saluti dalla Russia!...... 2021 !!!

  71. Me Jhon

    No fucking fear of anything always

  72. Choco-chip Kookies

    I was today years old when I realized that the lyrics are: p-p-p-poker face f-f-f*ck her face 😲

  73. Occitània País Nòstre

    Gran tema, gran videoclip y fabulosa interpretación

  74. Alexa Reigh

    If you are listening to this at 2021 you're a legend

  75. Bthnn Srkkk


  76. Samiyah Corelli

    Why did this album not make it to radio?

  77. Максим Лапшин

    Здесь есть русские?

  78. Athena Rogelio

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  79. Uenos Songs

    Delicious song

  80. Ronan Reodica