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  1. Neverly Leal

    dahil sa song nato gusto ko i vetsin crush ko AHAHAHAAHHAHA

  2. Juciane Paula


  3. Nicki Ariana Nepali fan

    Deserves to be nominated for Song and record of the year at Grammy But we know about scammys🙄

  4. SuGirl abk

    If this isn't a illuminati symbolic song to most, you need to do your research. what a weirdo freak boy Gaga truly is ??? Yes its a disgrace

  5. Zofia Grzymska

    bardzo was lubie

  6. Stella Fernsby

    Came here after watching "Always remember us this way " ... She's grown beautiful now 😍

  7. Tevez BS


  8. hadjoudj mehdi

    * A fucking accident happens * LG : life is good .

  9. CøøkiexTia

    I cant believe i was born 3 days after this song was upoaded on youtube my birthday is on 27th november 2009.............

  10. I love mA mOcHii

    DAMN youtube really needs an old comment section.

  11. Nate Peace

    This can't be 11 years old....for goodness sake Tme, stop!

  12. Nate Peace

    Cher+Madonna+Streissand+1Pound of Cocaine=Lady Gaga

  13. daine hakdog

    this music video made me even more gay

  14. Unknown egg

    Her in this video is sooooo beautiful

  15. Miguelsnumber1beeezy

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  16. Arnaldo Baruffaldi

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  17. Eva Skvasikova

    Loved song je je je..... O''clock. 👍🎼🎶🎶💌💯🎻

  18. Leunam GamesLaw

    Está canción tiene más vistas que su MV de 911 jajaja Blackpink in your area ♥️👀✨✨✨✨

  19. Leunam GamesLaw

    Lady Gaga FLOP :(

  20. Daddy Snapee

    I'm addicted to this song bye🏃💨

  21. Bom Park

    300 000 000 for ”a love song” ???? We Can make it world 🌎!!!!! <3

  22. Prezes Leniwiec Gabsia

    polska, jesteście?

  23. Marin Burić

    Norman Reedus was join the chat.

  24. Pelerek

    waw 11 years ago Lady gaga congatulations

  25. AlatroyX

    My brain, sleep time. Me, song time. My brain, never sleep time

  26. Bom Park

    Stream chromatica and shallow woopwoop let's go

  27. Amamiya Meow

    Other sololist:beautiful Lady gaga:HANDSOME😢😭😢😭😘

  28. Bom Park

    94 575 766 views lets make it 100 000 000

  29. Bom Park

    Can we hit 100 000 000 views before 2021???

  30. Random Crafts by Amila Teen x

  31. Vaishnavi Darro

    Congratulations for nomination of grammy awards on this masterpiece

  32. Akif Musayev

    GO TO 1MR🦄🦄🦄

  33. Kacper Wròbel


  34. T


  35. Chawakorn Asadee

    Manifesting this to become the NEXT SINGLE.

  36. abbeblue13

    Shes litrally turned into her A Star is Born character

  37. Omar Rico Rodriguez

    Simplemente Enamora está canción 💕💕💕😍😍😍💕💕💕

  38. Teddy Martinez

    Video Of The Year

  39. Davi Bartav


  40. Lucie Nosková

    Nx Fxb

  41. GG

    Where MV gaga???😭😭

  42. Chrissie Bawn


  43. Teddy Martinez


  44. Davi Bartav

    She performing with this mic is so iconic!

  45. Andri Tri Laksono

    This two.... DYNAMITE by BTS AND RAIN ON ME was the finalist for the pop duo group performance nom.... Im not sure these three could win

  46. Tom

    Beautiful .

  47. Giuseppe T

    Wow Lady! That was a show!

  48. Tatiana Shehu


  49. RVS the gamer

    The had copied pitbull song rain over me

    1. RVS the gamer

      Yes broo

  50. Marieta Campoblanco

    Amazing Gaga!

  51. john doe

    You're awesome!

  52. Lexi Hutchinson

    they dont even sing as good as they do in the song :C

  53. Eva Skvasikova

    OUR S O N G..... ❤️❤️😎😄🌹🌎🎻

  54. Zelda Desor

    [email protected]

  55. Fagan Vickieeddie


  56. Eva Skvasikova

    Ouuuuuu.. SONG OF OUR. LOVE..... 🌹🎼🎹🎶🎶❤️❤️😎😄💯🌎🎻

  57. everything anything

    Lady gaga wrote this song 10 minutes

  58. oscar salazar

    Quem veio depois de assistir o filme na rede Globo?

  59. Hazael de la Cueva

    Hasta ahora vi la película. Muy buena!!!

  60. anett haidova


  61. riki Kranjc

    Love ja

  62. Jaime Eduardo

    5:37 😍

  63. Richard Feynman


  64. Richard Feynman


  65. Marichu Cruz

    Hi November 👋

  66. dave rumbear

    I couldnt sleep cause this song was stuck in my head and I cant even remember when the last time I heard it was.

  67. Maliyah M

    On this day, 11 years ago, this masterpiece came out.

  68. Kilau Sheila

    25 November 2020 HALLOOOO

  69. valerie m


  70. valerie m


  71. Itemized Entertainment

    I like how fans reacted to this Lady Gaga albrum.

  72. Vitto Brancatelli

    This song is a shit.

  73. Simone Lauermann

    Legal o vídeo

  74. tinhduyenthienly tinhduyenthienly

    jasona danbell kashmir odd1sout mattshea

  75. Franciele Peixoto

    Puxa que lindo

  76. Volcom Stone

    Shameless product placements ever since poker face makes me question how genuine anything about you is

  77. Swadhin biplab Pattanaik

    Grammy nominees

  78. Maddie Konz

    talented beautiful intelligent incredible show-stopping

  79. آلمـلكة ةة


  80. Candida Neto

    Linda demais!!!