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  1. William Chan Chan

    Happy Mothers monster Day.

  2. Angela Arenas

    las nórdicas

  3. Tia Jose Bitar

    I love you lady gaga

  4. Twinkle Title

    Ariana Grande is more famous.

  5. Twinkle Title

    Armys need to chill down. This song is far better than the dynamite.

  6. Twinkle Title

    Remember armys next time if BTS won any grammy we arianators will also give hate towards BTS just like you guys are doing now.🔥🔥

  7. isaias dias

    Eu Sou voce lady.gaga

  8. BARBZ

    We Need 300K To Listen This Song!

  9. dorina lulea

    2:33 Ozyrys Meme Intro 3:07

  10. nixi 123

    To nie to co kiedyś,kiedyś to było coś:)

  11. Agung Cristiani Siregar


  12. Alice Act II

    Gaga nunca decepciona, aqui ando llorando escuchando esto

  13. Alice Act II

    no es mi fav, pero si fuese single creo que estaría perfecto. Este album tiene mucho potencial

  14. Jamless Jimin

    ARMYS ARE THE BIGGEST FANDOM IN THE WORLD We are gonna bag our 5th BBMAs TOP SOCIAL ARTIST 💜💜💜 ARIANA just flopping in that Can't even will against us WE TANKED JB .. Let's go Armys Votings Starts from 10 May.

  15. Alice Act II

    muchos piden pero pocos en verdad apoyan...

  16. Alice Act II

    Presente aquí reproduciendo aún, cuántos más seguimos apoyando esta maravilla de álbum?

  17. Caos Blue

    100.000.000 now! Let’s go monsters and blinks!

  18. Alice Act II

    oh oh... IM FREE WOMAAAAN

  19. Alice Act II

    a MV for this song would be cool

  20. godjihyo and queensè

    WELCOME 100M!

  21. Ginobilli Portes

    273K left blinkss and little monsterss!!!!!

  22. Isa Bele

    esta é a miléssima vez q tô assistindo esse hino.

  23. Jamless Jimin

    @Shining Solo. I know ur a kpopies..🤢

  24. Daniel john Santos

    I remember when i was 2 singing lady gaga song

  25. Jamless Jimin

    ARMYS. LIKE my comment LITTLE TRASH & TRASHANATOR COMMENT .... Let's see who will win

    1. Ciaojun

      Your making the army fandom seem so toxic pls stop we will win next time

  26. Alice Act II


  27. Syaban Margolang

    My crown 💎

  28. Alice Act II

    creo que esta es una de sus mejores canciones

  29. Alice Act II

    No me canso de mirar esta joya

  30. Alice Act II

    Me pregunto como sonará esta canción con Charli XCX, es que no me lo imagino

  31. Luke Connolly

    The chase is always the same it depends upon what someone wants

  32. Alice Act II

    Que arte visual nos dio Diosga, insuperable

  33. HellHoKitty

    When lady gaga still did music that was good.

  34. Munch Malundo

    I will always come back to this

  35. Jamless Jimin

    BUTTER WILL HIT 200M in It's first 24H Grandma GAGA collabing with other artist And Can't even get 10 M. 🤢

  36. Luke Connolly

    Honest is what the world lacks.

  37. Jamless Jimin


  38. Jamless Jimin


    1. Ciaojun

      @Twinkle Title don't be so racist what this person is doing is wrong but what your doing is wrong too Ari and gaga would not be proud of you being this toxic

    2. Twinkle Title

      Shut up small eyed people!!

    3. Jamless Jimin

      @linnea chéri Lol ur holding Mirror in your hand

    4. linnea chéri

      Oh I see a stupid shit human

  39. Bertrand Reynier

    I love you

  40. jjsinner

    Still an iconic performance. Gaga looked banging 🔥

  41. Xenfona Canza


  42. Andrea Raia

    Still the way I come out to my friends! Besides Eugene's way. On try guys.

  43. Jayda Proudlove

    People don’t know good music😴.

  44. Alice Act II

    Ari: *has her hair down* Gaga: *has a long ponytail* My wig: OUT

  45. Jayda Proudlove

    So true, Mommy.

  46. zehra drive

    I know a girl who is studiying at ITÜ means istanbul technical university.... thats why I cant say to come this lady gaga to my university for performance.... hey turkish ladies why dont you call her for dancing.... BECAUSE HER EXCATLY LIFE IS ABOUT DANCING

  47. Alice Act II

    138.703.734M vamos por los 138,8M

  48. 環奈橋本


  49. Alice Act II

    A casi un año de Chromatica, ¿Cual es tu canción fav del disco? La mia esta y Replay 💗

  50. Alice Act II

    Reproduciendo desde temprano mis chicharronas!!!

  51. Alice Act II

    Que triste me pone pensar en todos los planes que Gaga tenia para el disco, creo que hubiese sido una era si no mejor, al nivel de BTW

  52. Pauline Paulin


  53. Jamesツ

    How was your day in jail

  54. jjsinner

    This lady got me through my 20s. I love her 😭

  55. Rtom Pan

    My biggest Anime is Naruto poggers :)

  56. Rachel Gallogly

    Well we far from them gallow ghosts ppl now

  57. night8883

    This comment contains the phrase, "Rain on me."

  58. zels

    in love with this still

  59. Ian Gabriel M. Duat

    it look likes legendary pokemons

  60. chartreauseraf

    OMG!!! Another 100 million views for G.U.Y.!!!

  61. Sarah and Cecilia Bohman

    10 years!

  62. ยีหยา สุนันต๊ะ


  63. Paola May

    The beginning me reminds me Madonna. Video hung up

  64. Mr빛

  65. Αντωνης Κο


  66. James McKinnon

    give us more of this Stefaniiiii

  67. Wenus Wenus

    Płakałam się... 😍

  68. Blackpink Blink Cambodia News

    DJ Snake has confirmed that his new song with BLACKPINK’s LISA is already done in new tweet. Can't wait! 🔥 ©️@spinormusicbin

    1. Nishal Thapa


  69. Buktownx

    Ya she was great here before she started becoming political

  70. Pedro Carvalho


  71. Jean-Marc Cousin

    Mais il y a eu nothing breaks like a heart entre 2....

  72. Pedro Carvalho


  73. Jean-Marc Cousin

    Aucune prod ne m'avait fait cet effet là depuis can't stop the feeling!

  74. al ly

    I'm in all situations: 0:10 and 0:24

  75. Pedro Carvalho


  76. chartreauseraf

    100 million views before Chromatica's 1st Birthday!!✨🧚‍♂️❤️

  77. Rosé


  78. Luân Cao

    Van Mai Huong 😂 có ai hiểu tôi đang nói gì ko

  79. Мария Проничева


  80. 横山忠助