I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Parov Stelar Mix) (Official Audio)


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    1. Manoela Campos

      My dad loves them

    2. Joana Cavalcante

      I stayed happy w. Y. Way. I Guess. What special in. Is oferece to germanottas gaga. This song

    3. saint ruben

      This is the best remix ever

    4. K0NDRZEJ

      this. is. amazing.

    5. MONSTER RADIO 流行音樂電台 - YouTube Playlist

      Cool #remix #ladygaga #jazz

    6. John M

      Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga with a world music mix. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    7. John M

      This track lifted me many times when I was DOWN...... Love it!

    8. Alex aXy

      This is so underrated.

    9. Herr Levi

      Warum gibt es den Track noch nicht auf spotify?

    10. Budit Bliss

      04.03.2019... I'm here... Love this song, better than the original...

    11. Ivan Garay

      Listen 2019? 😍😍

    12. vincent parlante

      Anybody into a little Ragtime swing boot with a dance beat ? My favorite actor Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei did this very tune a few years back . It was a comedy version with the two youths singing their hearts..... ok it was more of Marisa singing and Pesci kinda ? Talking in the tune.... but still a funny version . Ciao.

    13. Raphael Maitam


    14. Monster

      Why didn't I ever think of searching for remixes of cheek to cheek album!!!

    15. Mauricio Valverde


    16. Mauricio Valverde


    17. Daniel Vega

      Soy el comentario numero 450

    18. Mauricio Pereira Bitencourt

      Melhor coisa

    19. Mauricio Pereira Bitencourt

      Ta muito bom caralhoooooo

    20. Mauricio Pereira Bitencourt

      Demais! ^^

    21. Mauricio Pereira Bitencourt

      Gaga TheQueen

    22. Mauricio Pereira Bitencourt

      Parece o toque de aura gente que delícia de ouvir bem delicado e potente. Aaaaah

    23. Louis Felice

      07th October 2014 : 8 Hours after out : 5 466 Views 1 157 Likes 26 Dislikes 126 Comments 07th October 2017 : 3 Years !! 368 495 Views 6 972 Likes 258 Dislikes 396 Comments 07th October 2018 : 4 Years !! 379 533 Views 7 224 Likes 266 Dislikes 425 Comments 07th October 2020 : 6 Years !! 400 347 Views 7 562 Likes 272 Dislikes 418 Comments

    24. T o m m o


    25. TheDomen17


    26. Max

      Wow, this song sounds fantastic!

    27. Charly Yam


    28. Flor Peralta

      ok only lady gaga can make a remix version from jazz gaga queen

      1. Stefan Sauvageon / What-a-Twist


      2. __________

        Flor Peralta parov stelar made this actually.....

      3. Max

        hahahahaha it's amazing hahahaha

    29. ARTPOP Canon


    30. Lana Parker


    31. Meio Pikeno

    32. Emmanuel Elias Hernández


    33. Emmanuel Elias Hernández

      el mejor remix

      1. Emmanuel Elias Hernández

        Jejeje si

      2. Victor Alfonso Sanchez

        claro el mejor 😍

    34. Lucas Fellipe

    35. ?

      most brutakl drop since 911

    36. Andres Rivas

      Cuantos remix oficiales de I can't give you anything but love existen?

      1. Andres Rivas


      2. Josmar Rovira

        hay un álbum de remix en Spotify

    37. Jorge Mendoza

      Cuanta perfección en un remix 😍👑

    38. Ümit Deniz AYDIN


    39. mohamed ruksan

    40. Mauricio Valverde

      Creo q Tony nunca pensó que su voz estaría en un ritmo como este jajaa

      1. Max

        Tu comentario me hizo la noche jajajaja

    41. Jeep Devon

      This woman is gonna be our future MJ ! She has a real and clear vision for pop culture! I'm not a little monster ! I am an ADDICT MONSTER and you?

      1. Antipodeano

        but she is not a dead fiddy kiddler.

    42. John M

      Thank you Tony and Gaga!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

    43. Luhanzinho

      Amooooo esse remix cara...o melhor na minha opnião.

    44. CrazyShaika

      @PAROV STELAR - the best Electro Swing Band in the world!

    45. Rafael Villa

      listen this in the, bus yeahh

    46. emilio

      The only good thing to come out of this era

    47. Rey Ramos

      Yep, that sounds like Parov Stelar :D

    48. 잣대

    49. Jon Byron

      I had no idea that a pop artist could mix with a classic singer then have that song turned into a techno remix and work, let alone sound good. DANG I WAS WRONG. where can i download this?!?!?!?!?!

    50. Faith Alvarez

      This seems so great and effortless. You do not need to put on elaborate costumes or resort to controversial sets to make true amazing music. I am proud and happy for Gaga for doing this. My favorite (only) album of hers to date. You gained a few new fans Gaga.

      1. Maha Saardi


      2. Maha Saardi


    51. stromae estrela


    52. Gema Mg

      Me encanta esta cancion

    53. Gabriel Veiga

      So amazing!

    54. Saban Durmus


    55. OfficialJuniorr706

      This is really good!!

    56. uliuliu

      very poor. i was expecting more from parov stelar. however, amazing album from lady gaga and tony bennett

    57. Moms Moms

      la collaboration avec Parov tiens donc comme par hasard!

    58. Katana Da Don

      I love u Lady Gaga! Please watch my video! U inspire me! Click link to see Katana Da Don - Grim vimeo.com/110668594

    59. karen weikle


    60. SuperYap

      Why everybody hates this :0 This remix slay me into another dimension bruh !

    61. Davide M


    62. Stefani Bell

      Love you mother monster

    63. Ed Sed

      I cant even believe that this song is performed by Gaga... Its the first time i like her voice! #stunned

    64. Dylan Blake

      Guys follow my Instagram? Dylangermanotta it's a smily face picture! Thank you xx

    65. fernanda martinez


    66. Cynthia Vázquez

      Love this version, of course i love Tony Bennett! Nice work!!

    67. Little Mac

      Look up Parov Stelar's booty swing too!

    68. Kuba Niedźwiedź

      THE BEST

    69. Nicolás González

      No ._.

    70. Bruno Galliez

      Boring. Music castration

    71. isa tarifa

      comparen con otras , ésta es la mejor... además parece que muchas personas opinan sin saber nada en absoluto

    72. Luis Pacheco

      Can we please have this on the radio

    73. isa tarifa

      bien logrado

    74. hermes de peña

      oooooooooo fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkisss sooo0oo00o0oo00o0o0o0 co0000000000llllllll

    75. Guille Ar

      OMG! I need to get this remix!

    76. Raphael Maitam

      Libera os direitos autorais pra eu converter o video em audio, mulher

    77. Frost Crafter

      GaGa stands for hithit in Israel:-) lady hithit

    78. Daniel

      I love you gaga

    79. Dani Loera Almaguer

      i love lady gaga

    80. Andrew Curwen

      I'd love to hear a whole compilation or album of these jazz remixes. It's an exciting crossover between GaGa's areas of music.

    81. Senniorkostas Deep Music World


    82. Angel Geronimo


    83. aveccafe

      Original one sounds much better

    84. Juan Lopez

      omg sounds so cool!!!!

    85. Lime Amoeba

      i love parov stelar good to see so many views!

    86. bensharkey

      This is amazing Parov Stelar is amazing.. I hope he remixes one of my tunes one day. This is definitely a treat! :,D

    87. Sucha Singh

      Ahhh3 the remix is amazing ❤️

    88. reuben mons

      vote for gaga and spread monsters! tv.mtvema.com/mtv-ema-top-20?utm=share_twitter

    89. Tonenisso

      so catchy ! *_*

    90. Vitor dos Santos

      @LadyGagaVEVO I love u, mommy monsther, i like this music

    91. Bottoms Up

      hahaha, funny. I know Mother Monster will cum back soon .. ;P

    92. Gun Unuma


    93. Wen & Munthe

      heyyy , thai is soo soo soo sooo very veryy good mix of jazz music video WoW , amazing

    94. Lydia Vega


    95. taahtube


    96. Andreas Ntotsias

      ΠΑΡΑ ΠΟΛΥ ΚΑΛΟ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    97. Juan Carlos Diaz A.

      OMG!! Suuuper Geniaaal

    98. FerXoDiaz13

      what a great song bro!

    99. Sanjaya Jayawardene

      if u all can't enjoy don't listen ....:P

    100. Alexa Kent

      ugh I love this remix too