Lady Gaga - A-YO (Official Audio)


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing A-YO. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

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    1. alex jimenez

      I'm not going to stop thinking that it sounds a lot like MANICURE (artpop)

    2. Aissa Chetoui

      same her wtf ho lisen to this shite xd gg god game top gap

    3. K. LOUK


    4. LilRonald Gaming


    5. Adrian Camacho-Totoro

      people in 2016: oct :18 A yo lady gaga just dropped a new song

    6. felps Lima

      Algum little monster brasileiro aqui ?

    7. Baby Venus

      Te amo lady Gaga gracias por existir

    8. Sarah Gomez


    9. Toby Kwon

      damn I just type Yo again -_-

    10. Sheung Yu TSANG

      One of my favourite in this album

    11. Oleh HL

      I often write y when i try to open youtube but now it opened so i wrote yo and it didnt autocomplete then i ended up here.

    12. panino

      did people actually type "yo" to get here??? i typed "ayo lady gaga" lmao

    13. Paul Arentsen

      Woooohoooo Good one

    14. MrBigman8

      I Remember this song was used in a episode in season one of CBS'S MacGyver Reboot.

    15. Franco Romero

      Si esta canción hubiese tenido videoclip oficial hubiese superado a todos los videoclips de la era Joanne

    16. 佐藤実治

      Satan worshiper

    17. Rach B

      This a great Aerobics song lol 😂

    18. Kevin Schultz

      Mix of country pop, rock and funk

    19. SHIBU VP

      hey "yo" people!

      1. Eduardo Silva

    20. Arthur Simeone


    21. Arthur Simeone


    22. Joanna Estrada Villalta

      i like it (;

    23. Kiana Anog Leonoras

      Peter pan is a Jerk isn't it?!

    24. Vlogs with Clare


    25. PenguinsS

      oysaki yo yazmıştım bu şarkıyı ezberledim artık 50 kere dinledim

    26. Charan Sai Pedireddi(Student)

      who typed "yo" and found this random video? i did

    27. Sketchers Day

      9.8k matarialism haters

    28. Brooke 's Creek

      A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊ A̴̹̺̯̔̆̊͊̆͊

    29. Felipe Vinícius

      Love song ♥️

    30. Phymaths

      I am one of those people who typed yo on google. Other yo people?

    31. mathbygaabriel

      ¡Feliz cuarto aniversario de Joanne!

    32. KA'RA Leigh Lakusta

      Love this

    33. ßrayden

      4 years already 🤯

    34. Muhammed Ali GİDİŞ


    35. Just Make Music Mx

      28, millions of dolars y esto no es singlé!.

    36. Susan mbatia

      ShHahahahaha scuffle

    37. FairTooWell

      artist these days just make money for earthquakes...

    38. Muhammed Emin Bayram

      ı wrote you it came

    39. Alejandro Jipsion

      Esta canción es taaan perfecta

    40. Danilo Costa

      I love you Lady Gaga

    41. Emir Ali Tüccar


    42. Yusuko

      We all here because our browsers didn’t autocomplete to “THwikis”

    43. Dominik Frýda

      i agree with adam

    44. Filip Kisilewicz

      70% jam

    45. voxie_vl

      Who typed yo to get THwikis this how many people did do it. 👎

    46. Bellringer


    47. jake monster

      When Joanne album makes me feel like a cowboy and im not even an American tf

    48. chris!

      When youre so lazy you only spelled yo and clicked a video to get to youtube

    49. paolo

      im here after type fast "yo" but that song is strong :DD

    50. seirotS yracS

      No one: My dance company : *makes five dances to this song*

    51. MaarijGaming YT

      I typed yo and google didn't autofill......xD

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    53. jhonatan borges

      Maravilhosa 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

    54. brussel sprout

      we get it you typed "yo" and this popped up awesome let's enjoy the song now✨

    55. Ruben Faria

      When you type "yo" and "youtube" doesnt get suggested....

    56. Chinmayee Jeyapriya

      i love this woman so much omg

    57. Hendrik Queckenstedt

      "yo" gang where ya at?

    58. Bruno

      intro be like super mario:am i joke to you?

    59. Zalfa navisya

      I always love her since i was on elementary school

    60. saucy.37


    61. Nadina Lobos

      This song makes me happy :) I love you Gaga

    62. Maria Lomena Gomes

      Essa música é muito gostosa de ouvir, dá vontade de sair dançando. Gaga sempre Gaga!!!

    63. plolololololoo

      24.005.058 visualizaciones

    64. Lya Costa

      Evoluiu muito🇧🇷

    65. Rhymez Akins Addo

      i typed yo on google and saw this

    66. immahit theworld

      mmmhmmhmmm very good!

    67. özden_

      türkler burdamamı bir beyeni

    68. 420mar

      plot twist her PR team was big-brained and told here people will accidentally click it if it is titled A-YO

    69. LindseyRussell


    70. E.S. Brohltal-Eifel -Rheinland-Pfalz-DE


    71. imam ulo 29

      How are you lady gaga

    72. Poliosis


    73. Elías Bracho


    74. Felipe Vinícius


    75. Felipe Vinícius


    76. Felipe Vinícius


    77. Jayden Kang

      i typed yo on google what is this

    78. Pierre Chabrier


    79. Pierre Chabrier


    80. Cristina Silva

      Amooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    81. s1ash_

      yotube fanclub

    82. nardo sin presupuesto

      Ctm que temazo

    83. sololo Mercury


    84. DragonYT

      i typed yo on accident

    85. Berto Mebarak

      Shakifan ayudando a las reproducciones

    86. Maycon Christian

      Eu amo essa música!

    87. Olga Marmon

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    88. Nicolas Tsima

      I was glad that ML replaced AYO back then but should have been a single. This is the best song to capture essence of this album. Dancing In Circles as well, but whatever

    89. Gabriel Bulic

      no no no nodi si ss souv no

    90. Αφροδίτη Μπάρλα

      I would loooove it if this song was playing in the back every day in my life

    91. funny meme

      This song screams dance right in your face

    92. Alexis Targaryen

      imagine calling flop an album that has songs like this

    93. M Sani

      sorry i just type " yo " xd

    94. lightupmanproduction

      you have to wonder how many of these views are from doing the thing that you just did

    95. precioso melhore

      who else searched yo on google and clicked on this click like on this comment to vote

    96. Bit Ray


    97. gaga pet


    98. Julie Heeks


    99. Julie Heeks

      It dong

    100. Julie Heeks

      Omg this is the best song aaaaaaaaaa I always listen to it