Lady Gaga - VEVO News Exclusive Interview, Pt. 3


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    VEVO News: An Exclusive Interview with Lady Gaga about "Marry The Night" and more! © 2011 Interscope

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    1. Fch JackSONE

      *9 Years Later : RAIN ON ME*

      1. the receipts

        haha 😂

    2. Francisco Teixeira


    3. Katy Day

      2020? 😁

    4. Lola Leon


    5. Nina Bonina


    6. Call it Home

      I love her

      1. Brendadkdks Tudy

        CupcakKe Queen es

    7. Louis Felice

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    8. Colin McAdoo

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    9. Colin McAdoo


    10. Colin McAdoo


    11. Colin McAdoo


    12. Louis Felice

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      1. Jenny Currie

        Louis Felice a

    13. jadensensation

      "We got free rain" OMF

    14. Jazmín Ruiz Diaz


    15. ARTPOP Canon


    16. Ylana P.

      Omg I just love her. ♡

    17. Los Dinosaurios


    18. Matteo Lonardi

      she's the most beautiful artist ever, i love her

    19. John Doe

      "never use stunt doubles" ? Then why is there a lady Gaga double listed in the credits of her Telephone video?

      1. bts infires me

        Doubles are for when she's out. Or sumthin like that. DOUBLE not stunt double

    20. danielfforsythe

      I don't know why, these are my favorite interview

    21. Arcalyt

      She makes me sick. Why dont you take off your glasses so we can see your (eye)s

      1. Arcalyt

        Illuminati whistle blower Donald Marshall.

      2. catalina kiss

        @Skiimur Skiimur what the fuck are u talking about

      3. Arcalyt


      4. Arcalyt

        +trap kush. There's too possibilities here either you actually know what I'm talking about and your playing dumb to the other comment readers, or, you are actually the ignorant one ha. So which one is it?

      5. Arcalyt

        more like eweterview

    22. T@ndy

      I love her

    23. Fallen But Saved

      amazing how "artists" never talk about the content of their songs anymore

      1. Jazy Moonchild

        So true...they give a few sentences at best about what the song really means...mostly because the term occult means hidden and essentially that's the content of most artists work...hidden occult content subliminally laced and weaved within the construct on the lyrics and visual presentations such as the videos.

    24. Alexander Adams

      We got free rain. lol. Love her.

    25. Ryan MacDonald

      Lol, "what a jackass."

      1. Jaddie Van



    27. Miguel Lopez

      xD OMG i loved when she said "We got free rain"

      1. Yeehaw

        Miguel Lopez and then we got a song about it

      2. Brendadkdks Tudy

        Miguel Lopez hola

      3. Jevaunie Patterson


    28. sloaches lee

      sloaches funhouse

    29. Antonio Barrera

      It's like taking a sip of water when you're ten feet from the finish line. What a jack a**. Love her! XD

    30. Clara Vergoz


    31. Briana Cervantes

      "we got free rain! roll the cameras and turn the lights back on." best part

    32. Lio Ruiz C


    33. Patricija Poskaite

      she's so iconic. i want to cry when she's speaking

    34. Giorgy Walteros

      Please vote on :3

    35. thieugiahongo

      hahahahaha thats mean but i couldnt help laughing

    36. Lostin MIA

      Artistically Charismatic is a good word for her. She is banking on all of us! I just hope she doesn't push it too far and get hurt pushing the bar too far. She needs to focus on her music and lyrics more, that is what will live on forever. Videos don't have the impact they used to have, its the song writing and music that lives on.

    37. HypeTv

      checkout my channel please... for new song

    38. quillber


    39. umm huh?

      Where's the full interview for this?? ://////

    40. Helayna99

      I bought those glasses :)

    41. ilkin mirzayev


    42. Sanna Twinkle


    43. DogMeme

      i just wanna hurt those who say gaga is dumb and or a man none of that is true we

    44. Emilia Carr

      I agree, the rain was good production value.

    45. linda sebrian

      Gaga is different and exciting she wows the crowd

    46. Angie Roman

      I love to hear her talk. Just talk, Gaga. Talk.

    47. X Music


    48. Louis Felice

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    50. Nick & Juliet Vargas

      You are a brilliant artist! Love you just the way you are. God bless you n your family always. Take care.

    51. Hannah Estrada

      "'s like taking a sip of water 10 feet from the finish line of a marathon...what a jackass" FUCKING LOVE HER!!!

    52. vanessa dominguez rodriguez

      i love you gaga

    53. Robyn

      I just love her, she's brilliant.

    54. Notebooker

      Thanks for demonstrating child labor, lol. ;)

    55. ArtejaLyric

      "We got free rain." I love that part. :)

    56. Kulf Greymoon

      She really opens up different perspective of different things from different angle that I never thought of before. It's interesting the way how she thinks!

    57. Mah Sa

      I played this part a lot to see her beauty eyes 1:38 - 1:48

    58. cgmaxed

      Eye likes her "SUN" glasses. When is my sun going to split?

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    60. San Wade

      "We got free rain!"

    61. Balentiniwis

      Amo la voz de gaga *-*

    62. ShoppingLover08

      "shoot dat shit"

    63. Briana Munoz

      Omg sje is too great!! I laughed such a upbeat person

    64. Jessie Campos Aguilarová


    65. Mette Krisensen

      I would love to spend just 10 minutes in her head, just to know how her mind actually works!

    66. therocpd

      Ok some people dont have anything against lgbtq but find it overwhelming when Lady GaGa for instance does something like this... but every second of every day I mostly just see hetrosexuality 'promoted'. so this will sound OTT but I'm trying to point something out here. I went to the cinema for a school project once, with the exception of cars 2 and the smurfs, all films about humans lol, every film lead was a white abled bodied straight man. hetrosexuality is in my face lol

    67. therocpd

      because homosexuals have been oppressed. every moment of every day, hetrosexuality is imposed and promoted to gay people, when someone reflects that back, people get annoyed that its too "in your face" in russia its ok for a straight couple to kiss, lets say at a train station to say goodbye to the partner, if a gay couple did that they are attacked!

    68. Erik selin

      I love the little glimts of her eyes we got

    69. Emma Meligne

      She's fascinating ^^

    70. ramiro apatiga

      Lady gaga has such a sexy voice

    71. brandadabully

    72. G0TH1Cchik

      I love her xD

    73. Tay

      She's so artistic. It's actually hard to understand sometimes.

    74. Mike Sullivan

      "Shoot that shit"

    75. Mia Wallace

      Love her :D

    76. thisisshaynesworld

      @Dan Rushton I completely agree with you. I love this woman. She is perfection.

    77. Sabby Fazari

      check out this page its hilarious /user/GurianNewsNetwork

    78. Sabby Fazari

      Hey guys check this out this is so amazing. /user/subprod

    79. Devin Otto

      Shoot that shit.


      why all the riri fans tryin to make others to watch her sex tape? ;O

    81. Alex

      The new hair style she has is very Strange. Why lady g never can act like a normal woman??

    82. ji joo

      yeah because the suits at her record company really want to make everyone artistic. they really care about us and our creativity and well being......not.

    83. Sol Flores

      1:37 i just love that

    84. Sol Flores


    85. Jonny Stoker

      If influencing the "POPulation" means to make them become more artistic with their views, to not give up on their dreams and to feel comfortable in their own skin... then keep going Gaga, you're doing a fucking good job.

    86. Miichael Cortez

      Haha. We have free rain lol

    87. Miichael Cortez

      Stfu Ji joo

    88. ji joo

      She's is a puppet who is told what to say. None of these words are her own, none of the ideas are her own- it's only made to look that way. It's not just pop music, it's a tool for influencing the POPulation. Wake up.

    89. Raven Victoria

      I'm glad someone can be themselves without being ashamed by the way they look

    90. GABI ROQUE

      *pulls down glasses* "we got free rain"

    91. Bryan Biemans

      She used to be Hot :/

    92. mo wilson

      i don't hear rihanna or beyonce talk like this about their music. maybe beyonce a little, but def not rihanna. it makes me appreciate gaga more. she's a rare beautiful bird. i used to hate her, but now i'm giving her a chance and really loving her mind.

      1. Brendadkdks Tudy

        mo wilson se

    93. LadyCoccinelles

      "we got free rain" i love you lady gaga

    94. Ahmed Rajab Amer

      love u

    95. Gamerforever13

      She's truly perfect this way

    96. Niko C

      "we got free rain!" Gaga I love you

    97. Alexane Lienel

      My Gaga

    98. MrDoughnuts2

      She's recovering from a hip surgery she had a couple weeks ago and probably will be back this summer with a new album and starring in a movie in September :)

      1. Brendadkdks Tudy

        MrDoughnuts2 va

    99. AxelRoxasXionKH

      we got free rain. that was Hilarious, even though I'm not a gaga fan, that made me laugh.

    100. Louis Felice

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