Lady Gaga - Look What I Found (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)


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    1. vetim .vetim

      Que veio pelo filme.... #vetimvetim se increve lá turma

    2. Ryan Arthur


    3. Kelly Santos


    4. Junior James

      A tela ficou quente mesmo! 😭 Mais alguém depois de ver na Globo ??

    5. Marcos Rivera

      I love song. 😍

    6. Zespół weselny QUEST Kozienice

      Great Mega touching until the very end. One of the better movies, great.

    7. John-Erik Evans

      I dont care what she says there was deffo chemistry between those two :D

    8. duila wel

      Algum brasileiro aqui ?

    9. família martins bora!

      Como pode Tão perfeito Tá perfeito

    10. POP CINE


    11. POP CINE


    12. POP CINE

      I LOVE YOU

    13. POP CINE


    14. POP CINE

      70M IS COMING

    15. POP CINE


    16. Nanda Rodrigues

      Quem veio pelo filme na Globo?



      2. Vini T8

        Oia nós aqui kkk

      3. Paulo Ricardo

        Nunca curti muito ela, mas canta dms não da pra negar.

      4. Paulo Ricardo


    17. Mery Rodríguez

      Me gusta mucho

    18. Keyiziegumbe Ndang

      Bradley cooper the coolest guy ever

    19. Luís Gonzaga Guimaraes Neto

      boring for ever

    20. Gratidao Gratidao

      take care of my dad😥

    21. Christina Vatou

    22. Helen Smiths

      I really do think I'm obsessed about this movie...ordered the dvd some weeks ago ( never saw it when it came out...stupid I know😯)...already saw it like 5 or 6 times...and now I got the Blue-ray extended cut disc...I DON'T EVEN HAVE A BLUE-RAY PLAYER...🙊 I.NEED.HELP 😂😂

      1. lwlibra


    23. Eva Skvasikova

      Ouuuuuu.... 🌺♥️🌺💯🎻

    24. Vera Bursac

      These songs are remarkable! I adore each one of them!

    25. Tejaan Music

      Never give up

    26. Ouga Gongo

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    27. Esteban Gualteros

      It’s impressive how the same singer of Just Dance or Bad Romance is is able to take another phase of herself complete different, so pure and emotional. *A true artist.*

    28. bennydictus Chrisnardi alip ba ta Cover from Indonesian

    29. Poul Erik Lauridsen

      It is one of your best songs ever My darling Steffi 😘😘😘🇺🇲🇩🇰

    30. Alexandra Casian


    31. Öcal Kurtoglu

      Boha what all you can is unbelievable I love this song and how you sing this!! Awesome. Pleas don't hit me pleas

    32. B Wrong


    33. Kristen Spring

      Omg who's not in love with both there voices 👍💞

    34. plolololololoo

      68.027.633 visualizaciones

    35. Listya purnama

      your voice is amazing

    36. Listya purnama

      I loveee youu gaga ♥️♥️♥️

    37. anja bembic

      AMAZING!! i watched movie 2 days a go for the very first time. I'm all choped up about soundtracks❤️🎉🎉🎉

    38. Nada shash

      the voice that you can't resist

    39. JMo

      I love youuuu so fucking much, Gaga!!! ♥️💪

    40. Fernanda Beheregaray

      muito talentosa.

    41. I Devayani

      Her voice !!

    42. shadow i

      I'm shook


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    44. XVX BB


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    46. Vania Maria


    47. Nicole Jarrett

      reaz your hand if you love Lady Gaga!

    48. Patrick-François Aube

      Merci pour ce film et pour cet album. 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    49. Kris Taylor

      7 rings ariana grande

    50. Porettob70

      Alle superlatieven zijn niet genoeg voor Lady Gaga. A real star is born!! Zij is een wereldster!!

    51. Veronique Boninchi


    52. Nicole Jarrett

      I love Lady gaga!

    53. Braden Greenley

      Amazing. One of the best singer's

    54. Vania Maria

      Show de bola

    55. Greenbettas13

      she looks amazing with natural hair like this.

    56. Alejandro Walysson

      Esse álbum só tem hinos. Amoooo

    57. Marcin Soltysiuk

      Lady Gaga, You should be natural like there. You are awesome, beautiful women and amazing voice ever.

    58. Ann

      Este vídeo llegará a certificarse en algún momento?

    59. Adri Lamp

      She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩.....

    60. Adri Lamp

      She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩.....

    61. Wendy4596 12

      I had no idea this was Lady Gaga. She sounds like she has the soul of an old black woman living inside of her.

    62. Lau Moor

      Y agarró todo de mi y a dónde voy.. cuando aún estaba se que quedó con mi sxencia🤫🙄😒

    63. Lau Moor

      Es cierto no estábamos engañados con la historiá.....

    64. Deysi Fuentes

      No me canso de escuchar esa bella voz, Te ves preciosa Lady Gaga, sin maquillaje!!!

    65. stephanie williams

      Looky lou ♥ 💙 9

    66. Wade Mcmurray

      Does this woman have any songs that are not good ??? She is most sexy to me when she isn't trying to be!!!

    67. Santhosh Kumar


    68. Dario Silvestre Del Valle

      Ok how come this song ain’t at 100 million :,(

      1. Dario Silvestre Del Valle

        @Ann Aaa :3

      2. Ann

        But on Spotify does

    69. XVX BB


    70. joan Jett

      What a amazing feeling with this amazing song.. I hope I have found this in my life

    71. Ace Dolosa

      so nobody here is gonna talk about her handwriting?

    72. Celina brown

      My favorite ✋ down🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    73. Mike González


    74. Amarri B Official

      I didn't know she can sing like go girl

      1. Nicole Jarrett

        can I sing shallow to you?

    75. Kevin Fernandes

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    76. The gaming god

      AMAZING AMAZING she has an amazing voice and great talent

    77. Sascha Thoma


      1. Sascha Thoma

        me too

    78. Géraldine Maigné

      My absolute favourite as it displays her beautiful voice so well.

    79. Feli Navarro

      Voz inigualable ,se meten en los poros de tu piel ,te hace vibrar,volar en nubes de algodón,bravo mil veces brsvo

    80. Felipe Vinícius

      L ♥️

    81. Felipe Vinícius

      O ♥️

    82. Felipe Vinícius

      V ♥️

    83. Felipe Vinícius

      E ♥️

    84. Hagiel

      This is a gem!

    85. Norma Stitz

      I never really listened to any of her work before I watched the film. Now I’m hooked, line & sinker 👌😀❤️

      1. Gulshan Kumar

        X video BF

    86. Samuel A.

      Real music

    87. Mate Jishkariani

      Looove youu

    88. Tiago Pereira

      this deserves so many more views

    89. neda marandi


    90. Ana 17

      Ohhh my God!!!...😎🎹🔥❤️🎧🎶🌟

    91. Marco Aurélio

      I am a young Brazilian writer and this film's soundtrack has contributed to my numerous texts. A pity that at the end of the film he committed suicide. And here is an ALERT. SUICIDE IS NOT THE ONLY EXIT. Seek help and mostly open up to someone. But, value the gift of life. Jesus can help you! OK!

    92. Claudia yopi

      Very sweet Gaga

    93. Gioia N.

      You are a legend Gaga, love you!!!!

    94. Marcia Cristina Constantino Ferraz

      Jogo tudo pro alto quero saber de nada quero sumir desse mundo

    95. marina

      Hello from Germany💃☕

    96. Tilly Vincent

      I’m alone in my room

    97. Niki Happy Show


    98. Emma Pierson

      I love and I know by heart all the songs of a star is born without exception😍

    99. Mitch Johnson

      Wow I love you both 👌🙌🙌🙌🥰🥰😍😍💋💋💋💋💋🥰🥰💜beautiful ❤️💜Michelle Australia 🇦🇺

    100. Zonunsiama Zonunsiama

      Oh my god ,,, so good