Lady Gaga - VEVO News Exclusive Interview, Pt. 1


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    VEVO News: An Exclusive Interview with Lady Gaga about "Marry The Night" and more! © 2011 Interscope

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      Thanks to coronavirus I’ll never lady Gaga

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    3. xilloeu ِ

      2019? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    4. Jolene Notta

      Queen! S2

    5. plolololololoo

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    6. Louis Felice

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    7. lorennz

      oh look, Taylor is rocking the bangs.

    8. MSK

      The last few lines she said in this video are fucking brilliant. Especially for up & coming artists I think

    9. Carlos Galeas-Rivera

      After this was the end of her greatest most influential era.

      1. Ferrer Zorola

        eras* 1, 2, 3. The Fame, The Fame Monster and Born This Way. Good thing Chromatica and A Star Is Born are her new peaks.

    10. Colin McAdoo

      ha ha! They told me I had grandiose delusions, and gave me free drugs and food and a bed! I felt drunk as fuck

    11. Colin McAdoo

      sonuvabitch, that was you!

    12. Louis Felice

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    13. Sarah Jane

      I love her so much! She makes me feel... not alone. Like I have a best friend that I can relate to. Even with all her wigs, heels, and glitter, she is still so down to earth and relatable.

    14. Doug Pierce

      Amazing Gaga

    15. Victor Coqueiro

      CHAOS ♥ 0:42

    16. iPhoneHelper1999

      0:42 ChAoS

    17. michell herrera

      0:42 ;)

      1. iPhoneHelper1999

        chaos angel

    18. Karol R

      Bro what happned to the old lady gaga that i knew when i was 4 like the hair what happend?😞😑

      1. AHS FX

        the gaga with the platinum bangs was only in 2008-2009

    19. Teresa black

      i love you lady gaga ❤ sche is the best pepele the world

      1. michael scott

        Teresa black *she is the best *Person in the world

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      1. Elsa Pegel

        Soy enamorada de la música

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    23. thippeswamy thippeswamy



      Im just the singing machine. Not the one who watches videos.


      What do you wanna wear this season? The kutsushitaya thinks mint green is totally her color.

    26. Nadiya Nduku

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    28. Reese Hogan

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    29. Reese Hogan

      Her real name is Stefini

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    30. Reese Hogan

      Lady gaga was what my brother said when he was 2

    31. Máté Aladár

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    32. TSWIFT

      Cant believe this was so long ago

      1. Slayton701

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    33. katycat98244

      @Amgelica Smith Wth....?

    34. chara.elc15

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    35. APE Algol

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    36. swal hal

      LoL why the pseudo-British accent?

    37. Kalley Augare

      I love lady gaga as a. Friend

    38. Melanie Hudgins

      This is where EVERYONE should start with Lady Gaga :)

    39. TheTruthActually

      Can't stand her; I had the misfortune of stumbling across this page; what a load of crap.

    40. Elder Mazullo


    41. Zezar Gago

    42. Angelica Smith

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    43. Camilly Medeiros

      Gostei amei

    44. Haydée Aquino

      Ü.u Que es. Vevo?

    45. Gleydsom Felipe Araujo Nasiment

      Gaga kkkkkkk pou

    46. Giorgy Walteros

      Go to vote on Please :D

    47. Ricky Roop

      Perfectly said Gaga.

    48. Ale Reyes

      APPLAUSE 2013 :D

    49. Deviaxx

      She's either a genius or a crazy either way her content is unique to say the least.

    50. Venus Cotrina

      Her voice ♡♥♥♥

    51. lilbiii

      Wow Lady !

    52. sol playa & arena mmoa


    53. K Akira

      It's her dream but we have to pay for it lol. Critique should not only come from critics but from music lovers and fans as well. No single artist untouchable and it would do gaga some good to get some more critique.

    54. Maryam

      يا ابو @العجوز الخضراء الزرقاء شكلك محسبة انو هي سعودية

    55. Jessica Nevil


    56. wigcanspeak too

      احبتس اموت فيتس ;-;♡

    57. ItssDalyla

      ❤️ Gaga❤️

    58. Lizettewilliams9

      to all you who get off on spewing words of hate: Its called ART made entertainment, folks...who are you to judge?! until you have made art made entertainment of your own, then just sit there in your living rooms "wanna be self righteous" critics and learn a lesson or two on self expression. This her reality, her dream...Try it out once and live life of your own...

    59. X Music

      we love you GAGA

    60. CJ Loomerz

      shut up u bitch summer june

    61. 7IRAM


    62. Vatani

      I get her style and everything, but does she seriously have to wear sun glasses during the whole interview? It just looks to me more snobbish than stylish/Image*ish

    63. Clara Vergoz

      I love her voice 3

    64. Mister Sparkle

      What a nice looking boy

    65. Daniella Rose Archives

      The mighty wigs aren't that super good

    66. Sebastian Tyler

      i woder if thoes shoeshurt her feet

    67. PhaseGamer

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    68. Yacoub Yedaly

      She's 26 now...

    69. rolloRoel

      I can't put the site in this comment, but if you google: ''From Mind Control to Superstardom: The Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”'', things will become clear. This site really helped me undertand what she tried to explain. :D I hope it can help you

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    76. Mr Gaga

      Lady gaga is amazing she is the best of the best go gaga I AM A MONSTER WOOHOOO

    77. iSa3ood

      The answer is she worship the devil (masonic)

    78. speed0spank

      I mean...way to sound like a sociopath. You could just not watch the videos.

    79. Jason Allen

      videos ...oops spelling

    80. Jason Allen

      LIVE GAGA LIVE. If people want you to die so bad then why are they watching your vidoes. There mad because you got all the coins s s s

    81. iSa3ood

      She is Mother fucker i hope she die today before tomorrow

    82. gabi merriman

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    87. EyeZehUhh

      Beginning seemed like the girl with the dragon tattoo

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    89. Sapphire Ellis

      This have changed my life completely in the most positive way possible

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    93. Mr Gaga

      What are you saying

    94. George Moncayo

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    95. Stefani

      not really.

    96. Renee Blinn


    97. nanhau nan

      "as an artist the delusional is the greatest gift for you" - Lady Gaga :)

    98. pool

      she's a true artist. this makes me see her music from a different angle. she isn't just about the bizarre hairstyles and fashion, but people tend to only see that part of her. she's an awesome human being as well as an amazing artist.

    99. SPZ

      hahaha genius

    100. princessroyalty08

      Why is she so amazing? everything she spoke about just proved her as an artist as well as an Inspiration