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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Enigma (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    1. Brandon_4th Ave

      Get it Gaga. Sing it girl!

    2. Gera


    3. Gera

      we could be lovers

    4. Jake Canten

      The vocals, lyrics, and melody on this track are incredible, HOWEVER, my issue with this song is when the beat comes in. It just doesn’t do it for me. It sounds like something you would hear Countess Luanne sing. It has a very cabaret instrumental sound. This track should of had more of an “Artpop” album sound. Since the lyrics are mysterious . Just my opinion!

    5. Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández

      yes by god what a great song 💞

    6. Miguel Ángel Flores Hernández

      yes by god what a great song 💞

    7. Douglas Godino

      I have to admit at first this was my least favorite track on Chromatica, but it was for a silly reason. I realized I couldn’t sing it in Gaga’s range and it wasn’t until after I experienced many eerie coincidences over the past few months that this song became one of my favorite Gaga songs in general! I kept asking myself “Is what I am seeing real or is it just a sine?” I can confidently say that I can relate to every single track on this album even Free Woman even though I’m technically not a woman. Replay, Alice and 911 being the ones I relate to the most besides Enigma. 💕

    8. Elratzoe27


    9. Krzysztof Szymaniak


    10. Krzysztof Szymaniak


    11. Krzysztof Szymaniak


    12. Neths Ki

      please make it your next single ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    13. Svetlana Andrášová

      This deserved music video

    14. Igor Henrique

      Not fan of her but this song is fantastic damn

      1. Alejandro -

        Igor Henrique what do u think about Replay¿¿ 👉🏼👈🏼

    15. Tejaan Music

      Never give up

    16. Lanz Vasily

      ke mal che ninguna buena cancion . como quiero que vuelva la LADY GAGA del 20082011 donde sus canciones eran las mejores

    17. Dracodracarys 233

      We could be Knuckles, even just tonight... I-I'll be your echidna! I-I'll be your echidna!

    18. Arnulf286

      My dream scenario: The next music video is a double feature. _Replay_ and _Sine from Above_ . Later the saga becomes complete with a music video of _Enigma_

    19. DukeFan1971

      Is it just me, or is this borrowing a bit from George Michael's "Father Figure" when it goes to the chorus? I swear it sounds so much like going into the chorus on that song.

    20. Loy Marcy Cruz

      Nov 12th, 4am, i was dreaming of singing this song while showering the sesame seeds. Weird dream. Ps. I haven't heard this song but i knew gaga has this song.

    21. Guadalupe Aguilar

      Wtffffff this is the bestttt lady gaga song omggggg and im not a huge fan

    22. Matias Alvarez

      Have you noticed that Gaga’s lyrics never make any sense?

      1. jake monster

        They do.

    23. FlipaAWzpa MaccCourTICU2


    24. 달봉


    25. 22DanceFun

      The amount of power in that "anything you want" sends chills down my spine

    26. Hey.Lamar

      Favorite album of 2020: Chromatica 💞 It's the ONLY album I've listened to, repeatedly, since May. The vocal impact that she delivers on this track is impeccable ♥️

    27. Alessandra Rodrigues



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    29. B Wrong

    30. Emilka czapiewska

      Lady Ga Ga jestem Emilka mam 7 lat

    31. Diego Ernesto


    32. Juan Pablo Castro Lozano

      Even though I love Stupid Love, I realize this would've been an awesome lead single

    33. Beth H x

      I-i'll be your Henning Wehn ✨✨

    34. Nicholas Silveira

      sorry its very badddddddddddddddddddd

    35. Nicholas Silveira


    36. Nicholas Silveira

      i'm very sad with this music

    37. Nicholas Silveira

      i hate this music

      1. jake monster

        Nicholas chile u need to find some music ur interested in and STAY there. We don’t want ur bullsht thank u 💕

      2. Hernan Morales

        Get out from here :)

      3. Hot Stuff

        Has anybody asked for your opinion? You are just frustrated.

    38. Nicholas Silveira


    39. Nicholas Silveira

      muito ruimmm

    40. MARKY MARK

      This song makes me happy

    41. albert einstein

      love this song, greetings from Chile, CHILE DESPERTÓ

    42. WJ Jhao


    43. Jenifeer Juliette Ortiz Ruiz


    44. natalia

      I really missed lady gaga music.

    45. Jose Renilson

      Só queria um clipe😍😥

    46. saiful fitri

      let’s go to concert next year i will be attend at Singapore one☝️ 🥳🥳

    47. Alex Costa

      Pq essa música perfeita

    48. woopman99

      I feel like this song was only created because she could get Elton and not because she had an idea on how to use his talents

      1. Hot Stuff

        What does this song have to do with Elton John? Are you dumb or something?! This is “Enigma”, not “Sine From Above”!

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    50. Lady Flopga

      What abomination have I created!

      1. Caique Luna

        Thank u by stream

    51. Yefry Abrego


    52. Frakyshowboy Rincón Ortega

      This and "Replay" are the best of the best!

    53. Lauren

      I felt powerful listening to this song, don't ask me why, I won't be able to answer. :)

    54. Raphaela Freitas

      This album makes me want to live

    55. Wesley Souza


    56. Diego Sabino

      *[Lyrics of "Enigma" by Lady Gaga]* 💕 [Verse 1] Open-minded, I'm so blinded Mystery man, woman phantom Violet light smears the atmosphere I'm so scared, but I'm standing here [Pre-Chorus] Is what I am seeing real, or is it just a sign? Is it all just virtual? [Chorus] We could be lovers, even just tonight We could be anything you want We could be jokers, brought to the daylight We could break all of our stigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma [Verse 2] Can't stop staring, I'm so naked Wrapped in shadows, my heart races Dragon's eyes watch, goddess breathing Give me something to believe in [Pre-Chorus] Is what I am seeing real, or is it just a sign? Is it all just virtual? [Chorus] We could be lovers, even just tonight We could be anything you want We could be jokers, brought to the daylight We could break all of our stigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma I'll, I'll be your enigma [Bridge] Did you hear what I said? (What?) Did you hear what I said? (Yeah) Is it all in my head? Is it all in my head? (Ooh, yeah) Is it all in my head? [Chorus] We could be lovers, even just tonight We could be anything you want We could be jokers, brought to the daylight We could break all of our stigma I'll, I'll be your enigma, even just tonight I'll, I'll be your enigma, brought to the daylight I'll, I'll be your enigma, even just tonight I'll, I'll be your enigma, brought to the daylight, daylight

    57. Gohar Malik

      am i the only person that searches for the lyrics in the comments

    58. america G


    59. Matheus Lanerre

      Imagine Gaga, singing on top of her lungs... Strutting on a street... People staring... The weather crazy... And her outfits changing according to the times when she'll not be showed... And when it's almost at the end, people on the sidewalks begin doing the same as Gaga...

    60. Rafael Nicoluzzi Lipa

      I understand u perfect fine

    61. AnimeloverKyoko Shimizu

      Lady Gaga is the pure definition of a rockstar.

    62. Timmy Spencer

      What is that noise at the end??? Sounds like a car driving lol (is it a teaser for a music video?)

    63. Vlad Petukhov


    64. Matheus Carneiro

      I wanna sing it walking powerfully on an avenue under the rain with neons around

    65. Helder Gabriel de Oliveira

      gente eu amoooo essaa

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    67. Matthew Micallef

      This song is awesome!! On my top 3 trading places with another couple tracks on the album. Great album!! Amazing artist!!

    68. Rathana Chhem

      This song is so perfect for a duet with Cher though.

    69. Mr Ross

      I love this one... sounds like a new batman movie 😍😍

    70. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    71. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    72. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    73. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    74. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    75. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    76. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    77. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    78. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    79. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    80. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    81. Felipe Vinícius

      LOVE ☮️🌈

    82. Delight Loves Movies

      I love Lady Gaga

    83. Armazi Monster


    84. Willi Wildfang

      That bridge is perfection

    85. Mária Baričáková

      I used to be a fan but now I am the whole air conditioner

    86. Paul Gregg

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    87. Mansbach Family

      my love affair with this album has taken many forms and this song is the phoenix

    88. Gracias Balán

      Enigma norteño

    89. Armazi Monster


    90. Armazi Monster

      Art !

    91. Armazi Monster


    92. Lucas Civiero

      o batuke da gaga sempre é bom 🇧🇷💙

    93. Fede Pascual

      Valoren este temazoooo

    94. Stephen Wyatt

      One of the best songs of 2020. Absolute euphoria.

    95. Christian Hamilton

      H&M track

    96. Borderline Visuals

      Underrated as fuck☹️

    97. Alejandro Jacobo-Ramos

      I love the entire album, but this song is above all her songs.

    98. patrick grondines

      love lady gaga

    99. BG

      My favorite on the album so far (have a few more songs to listen to.)

    100. Mxolisi Simelane

      What makes #Chromatica unique is that each and every song has a different vocal technique. With Alice it's a smooth soprano, Enigma is a bit jazz esque sharp vocal, 1000 doves sounds a bit classical music vocal wise, Sine from above is something else, replay, plastic fun tonight free woman etc

      1. Horacio Gonzalez