Lady Gaga - Star-Spangled Banner (Live at Super Bowl 50)


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    Lady Gaga performs “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl 50 (February 7, 2016)
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    1. maxcomputerfix

      God bless

    2. Math Zayas


    3. Dr. Laura Lewis

      Simply amazing 😉

    4. Austin Bored

      Fergie is one of the 2.5k that disliked this video. 😂

    5. Gera

      Wow your voice

    6. Pixie Ninja

      She did great. It could have been MUCH worse.

    7. Evangelina


    8. RBIG

      Imagine Lady Gaga singing the national anthem on the Inauguration Ceremony of President Joe Biden

    9. Ashutosh saindane

      that aint the way u should sing your national anthem no offense but you should stand still and the crowd should remain silent but the singers in india sing the national anthem in still mode the piano is good but she should have stayed dont get offended

    10. R G

      Classy, emotional, iconic. With just enough improvisation to make it her own, and (thankfully) good tone on that unnecessary little Whitney trill everyone does on "free."

    11. Daniella Torres

      "Vamos, Lady" Jajajaja

    12. Callie Hunter

      Pure emotions are clearly seen and heard. What an amazing person, her voice and just so incredibly gorgeous! Thank you for the outstanding performance.

    13. shit talker


    14. Eliana Naaser

      The normal American anthem is better than this girl named lady gaga and She is like 17382929374738 million years old

    15. I have become death The destroyer of worlds

      Damn It is the wrong lyric again. who will ever sing it with the correct lyric?? Here is the correct lyric Oh say can’t you see By the companies exploitation What so proudly we hail at invading innocent countries Whose broad stripes and bright stars through cowardly fight O'er the terrorists we watched, were so gallantly slaughtering ? And the blood’s red glare, the innocent lives flying in air Gave proof through the night that our military were still there O say does that star-spangled banner yet commit atrocities O'er the land of the buffoons and the home of the exploiters ?

    16. Onceu Hermes

      Sorry this

    17. Onceu Hermes

      Rhis women is alegend but not as my mom😆😆

    18. Stupid- Leftist

      Could have chosen a better dress

    19. DeathGun

      I thought in the beginning the Mincecraft default song was played

    20. Stephen M

      trump 2020,

    21. Lets taco Bout it

      only 1991 and this one are the best

    22. Queen Mandela

      Voice smooth like butter gives me goose bumps🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

    23. Brooklyn Atteberry

      THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    24. 1

      I came here after fergie to cleanse my ears haha

    25. kent

      I can’t be the only one here after Biden’s victory 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    26. Just For Fun

      NO ONE took a knee then.

    27. Alberto Barresi

      Bella interpretazione!

    28. _ØSavanahGuyer Ø_

      Beautiful when she said ramparts so impressive

    29. Daniel Lai

      Perfect timing... Blue angels!

    30. ESC Georgia

      next stop: inauguration

    31. Candice Mélier

      Anyone here after Biden was elected president? 🤩💙💙💙

    32. Ava Max Videos

      It's time for her to sing this at Biden's inauguration!

    33. Roberto Biagione

      ready for the white house

    34. Ricky Rhyn Maquiso

      Gaga’s impact!

    35. RichalisQc

      Proud canadian over here, but by god, I have to admit, the USA national anthem is incredibly inspiring!

    36. Jeremy Lewis

      1:02 I think it said "Fart" 😂

    37. Pedro barbosa

      The light times will come again ! God bless United States Of America ! Greetings from your latin friend from Brazil ;)

    38. Bruce Batman

      Now we can sing this again. #BIDEN

    39. Kyle Rafa

      Who's here after Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States

    40. Eattherude

      Listening to this after Biden became president, I’m not even American but I’m happy for you guys.

    41. Fernando Prietto

      Now we have a reason to celebrate our national anthem. Biden is the 46th president of our nation!

    42. F. L.

      I didn't know her voice was that well prepared!! Amazing performance!

    43. Kumotta Kun

      Who's rewatching as Biden gets announced as the new president?!

    44. Talles Pereira

      from covid-19 pandemic.....I love u Lady gaga

    45. Gustavo Medeiros

      love u gaga thank you

    46. L.uca.6

      No one noticed that the live video from Fergie, has more likes than this fucking masterpiece?

    47. Multitemas Framex

      Sorry, but i don’t understand why the singers (specially she) sounds like a goat when they sing a beautiful anthem like the anthem of the United States of America

      1. Travis Marx

        Vibrato in a tightly packed stadium and acoustics + stage equipment

    48. Felipe Ramos Barbosa

      #BidenHarris @ladygaga

    49. Justino Arturo Estrada Lopez


    50. Tonny Mendez

      Vamos lady, no lo supero. 😆😅😂

    51. History and Headlines

      Definitely worth standing for!

    52. Manu 45

      Cuanto tenemos que aprender los españoles,a respetar de esta forma, nuestro himno. Viva España.

    53. seamus2076

      At my kids school they sing this for the 3 gread

    54. seamus2076

      You got this girl

    55. Black sunflowers

      Fergie should be watching this

    56. Stephanie Majewska

      Listening to this in car on way to vote TRUMP 2020. Love and Peace x

    57. Michael Wong

      they need something more fitting for a big football game. may i suggest... this?

    58. Alvaro Leboreiro

      Que envidia , ya podría pasar esto en España

    59. Rob Cole

      Funny, she’d never sing it now cuz the lefty’s wouldn’t let her

    60. Rob Cole

      It’s the BEST I’ve ever heard . Too bad she’s for the communist party

    61. Raiks

      Hearing Lady gaga sing the national anthem and seeing the Americans united sent shivers all over my body.

    62. William Smith

      Peytons last game... crazy to think this was 4 years ago already

    63. abby gondez

      Ohhh my heart! 😭💕💕

    64. dimensionstars

      I'm here bawling my eyes out and I'm not even American. Much respect your hymn is beautiful!

    65. Preston Brown

      #best national anthem ever

    66. Antoine Robi

      Respect from France 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇺🇲

    67. Benjamin Florio

      I cry EVERY time.

    68. Nick Lombardo


    69. Michael Kim

      Oh say can you see By the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming Whose broaden stripes and bright stars throght the perilous lights Or the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And the red rockets red glare And the bombs bursting in the air Gave proof throught the night O say say that star spangled Banner yet wave Or the land of the free And the home of the brand Though the brave God bless you America

    70. Fatima Gouveia

      pUpuse ese himno en una jaula ... y se lleno de 700 niños, solos sin sus padres...llorando angustiados, claro

    71. Its_Angxlique

      This gave me chills 🥺

    72. Tsa Kadaba

      En vrai, cet hymne est sublime. Je ne m'en était pas rendu compte avant mais il est vraiment beau, et stylé. Plein de bisous de France. ❤👋🏻

    73. Bronka Popik


    74. samsung man singh

      Who's from America

    75. Dein Sun

      Lady gaga is one of the kindest honest humble artist in the world...

      1. Dein Sun

        & most talented singer

      2. Reny


    76. Albert Tran

      GO VOTE FOR AOC 2002

    77. Amanda Hooker

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    78. The Bachelor Says

      Gaga is Gaga

    79. Jj Alarcon

      They should not be the playing the Star Spangled Banner anymore when there is a bunch kneelers in the NFL. These spoiled millionaires, and the NFL, do not respect the flag and national anthem. No sense of patriotism.

    80. BunAhFassy

      The one thing wrong with singing these anthems and getting someone who sings it with dynamics is that people CANT sing along

    81. s i g r i t


    82. Melva Sugar

      The way he said Gaga

    83. David Rose


      1. David Rose

        From the UK, you boys, and girls are welcome in our country anytime.

    84. Daniel McFall

      Being able to sing the star spangled banner at the Super Bowl is like the highest honor for a singer

    85. Andrew Rodriguez


    86. Owen Beam


    87. Owen Beam


    88. Tstipho _

      Who knew this would be so offensive right now?

    89. Adi Hariyo D

      2:44 is a perfect picture

    90. brendyn gibbs

      God bless the souls that sacrificed their lives in war for America and it’s citizens

    91. brendyn gibbs

      God bless America

    92. Caro LINE

      Hands down the best performance of our National Anthem

    93. Michel Charles SPIEVAK

      Un immense respect ✊ la France 🇫🇷 vous salue 🇺🇸

    94. Jorge Faro

      The best 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲💪🏼💪🏼🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

      1. Jorge Faro


      2. Megumin

        Nah not really, they messed up the anthem to make it a pop song, search up US anthem 1945, the real version of the anthem

    95. Shit米霏


    96. David Ubay

      stop killing my family in palastine

      1. Amanda From Wisconsin

        How many of your family members has Lady Gaga killed?

      2. Cobbiant Miguel


    97. ChiefsRoyalsSporting

      Super Bowl *50* Just think about that. The *50th* national championship of the most popular sport in America. And they picked the perfect location. The young phenom vs one of the greatest to ever play the game. Perfect preformer

    98. ChiefsRoyalsSporting

      I'm proud to be American. Trump 2020

    99. Chris Brown

      I used to think she was all auto-tune.....oh how wrong I was.

    100. Danbi Kim

      0:39 doesnt that look like red skull im just thinking hail hydra!