Lady Gaga - The Making of '911' | Vevo Footnotes


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    Lady Gaga - The Making of 911 | Vevo Footnotes
    From Gaga's brilliant 'Chromatica' album, "911" is a look at mental health issues and perceptions of reality. When the video dropped, the singer hit Instagram to candidly inform her fans of its subject matter, ultimately deeming it "the poetry of pain." In this Footnotes, director Tarsem Singh explains that the idea for the visuals for a long time and Gaga's message fit perfectly. Learn about the fashion director and stylists, the Alexander McQueen dress, the mural on the wall, and other essential tidbits.
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    Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
    Producer: Priya Minhas
    Editor: Austin Prahl
    Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & David McTiernan
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911 (The Making of '911'/Vevo Footnotes). © 2020 Interscope Records

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      little monsters rn are like "yeah yeah but we've already known that"

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      Anyone else study film and thought of Alejandro Jorowsky when the '911' MV first came out? 1:25 confirmed it. Thank's Gaga for This work of art, also I can almost imaging this video leading into 'Marry the Night'. Much Kindness -Côr

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      Mr Diamond, I am a big fan of your music. A year ago I began having occurrences of tapping into the Akashic Records. I have become VERY AWARE of truths good and bad. Some truths so unimaginable, that all one can do is accept and know that by finally seeing, finally awakening, finally knowing of a truth so dark, that there is power. A power to overcome, a power to choose ones path, a power to stand up and fight for what one believes and knows to be who they are. I will never never turn a blind eye, I will never conform to what others tell me I should be or who I am. I will always follow my path, my desire, my love, my bliss. Now I don't know who you are truly loyal to, where your heart is, what you find important in your world. What I do know is what matters to me, who I am and what I will defend, even with my life, and that is freedom, compassion, love, purity, innocence, children and their safety and nurturing, protecting their innocence. I will die standing up for what I believe in and protecting those most vulnerable and innocent of humanity! Like I said, I don't where you stand in all that I have spoken about but in your music I have found strength and hope for the vision I hold! I am the expansion of consciousness, I am the expansion of life, I am evolution of all living things...therefore I AM! One by one we awaken, collectively we prevail, we are the light, we are one!

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      i feel so sorry for lady gaga that she had to expierience this pain

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      Eu amei o clipe e amei o behing the scenes é claro!

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      Lady gaga is #1 no matter what. Keep it up.

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      Let her bring back her 2009 appearance

    64. Дима Ребров

      Let her bring back her 2009 appearance  Let her bring back her 2009 appearance

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      Who saw lady Gaga’s story the starting from the beginning from the story is so beautiful but the end is emotional her husband turns her in a star if don’t was him she even was her making success who saw please comment and like

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      When I first listened to this song and actually read the entire lyrics I immediately knew this was about psych meds and mental health, I guess being a mental health sufferer myself who's also been on antipsychotics comes with it's perks lol.

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