Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020


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    1. David Irizarry

      I love her.. this felt very mortal combat.

    2. SAB

      Who did the whistle sound ..ari or gaga??

      1. It’s Luis


    3. Leslie G

      So this can go on but families should not get together for the holidays...?!?

      1. It’s Luis

        I think the performers got tested but it’s obvious there isn’t an audience Bc of COVID so the cheering is probably just an audio

    4. Parmesh Malgond

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    5. LPS Pop Productions

      I feel like 1:01 to 1:11 sounds like the spice girls

    6. Lee-Ann Pienaar

      God her voice is still so amazing.

    7. yoonmin tea


      1. Lady gaga


    8. miminandrei

      Eres una fenomena de la muzica del espectaculo de los disfraces de la belleza contigo todo es alegria nunca conoci una estrella como tu y soy amante de la muzica y tengo unos años pero tu....vamos eres lo maximo!!!!!

      1. Lady gaga


    9. anonymous me

      Took me so long to notice that the mask was over and not on her mouth.

      1. Lady gaga


    10. truth finder91

      So this is what they brainwash liberals with...interesting.

      1. Lady gaga


    11. Rebecca Kirby


      1. Lady gaga


    12. Rebecca Kirby

      Such body positivity I love it!!! Ty gaga!

    13. Bebe Sánchez Vengo de parte de Yovi Real 😎💪🏼

      1. Lady gaga


    14. Julia Carneiro


      1. Lady gaga


    15. Desiree Gonzales

      Airana grande i love you kiss. 💋 i love you 💋💜 Desiree

      1. Lady gaga


    16. Desiree Gonzales

      Lady gaga airana grande i love you kiss. 💋💜love songs love game rain on me no paper gangster Beyonce vid phone tall phone songs Desiree desi Gonzales

      1. Lady gaga


    17. Sia Victor Simpatia

      Lady Gaga 911 🙈💙💛💙💙💜👏

    18. Sia Victor Simpatia


    19. Jakob Whale

      Still got *this album on repeat.* I'm not even gonna lie. *I be GAY.*

      1. Lady gaga


    20. RO To


    21. GROOT_ 2005

      4:16 Arianna's whistle note😍❤❤❤

    22. John H

      There is really no question. She's got it. Gaga goes from a Star is Born to Chromatica. WoW!

      1. K. B. Tたぱっら

        @Lady gaga You really think people are going to fall for that??

      2. Lady gaga

        Send me an email for private discussion or message me on Hangouts @

      3. John H

        @Lady gaga I'm ok, Happy Biden won, and waiting for this f-ing virus to be over. What's going on with you? You doing ok?

      4. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    23. Baile Remix Vengo de parte de Yovi Real 😎💪🏼

    24. Sam

      She's constantly reminding us why she's Lady Gaga 👏🏻👌🏻🔝💯

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you


      She aged like real rich lavish wine

    26. ——

      Sounds better in the studio.

    27. Amir Hussien

      Lady Gaga didn't even forget Britney Spears. She always remember her.

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    28. Pop Art Ave

      Great performance 😀👍🎧🌟

    29. Melody Montana

      i like her body it's cute and normal looking unlike other extreme fake bodies i've seen ....kudos to lady gaga

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    30. Naman Kaushik

      Idk if you noticed but in the tv announcement, enigma was playing. Listen intently 😭

    31. TREF TV

      Mask up!! Queen!

    32. Den

      ok but i miss lady gaga in ‘09

    33. Екатерина Казанцева


      1. Екатерина Казанцева

        @K. B. Tたぱっら нет

      2. K. B. Tたぱっら

        @Екатерина Казанцева yes

      3. Екатерина Казанцева

        @K. B. Tたぱっら no

      4. K. B. Tたぱっら


    34. Aza Akira

      ▶ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

    35. بوعبيدة امينة

      Woooow i loved 💖💖💖💖💖

    36. Feffo


    37. Oppo A1k

      Can I go to USA sing with you gaga

      1. Lady gaga

        Are you on WhatsApp? If yes , drop your WhatsApp number for private discussion

      2. Oppo A1k

        @Lady gaga Malaysia

      3. Lady gaga

        Where are you from

      4. Oppo A1k

        @Lady gaga I'm about you

      5. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    38. dat Swahvya Chocolate go too seven


    39. Desiree Gonzales

      Lady gaga love you i love your songs love game. Songs call 911. Love you Desiree Gonzales desi i love you 💋 i love you rain on me

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    40. Rebel_Gunner

      arianas whistle note was INSANE OMG

    41. H I

      The dancer biggest flex is dancing with miss iconic pony tail and gaga 🤧

    42. pitt roox87

      Divine 😋☺️☺️☺️💕💕💕💕💕

    43. Donnie Bulliard


      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    44. Robins Hoodedfriends

      Are you really singing it?

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    45. Robins Hoodedfriends

      Aw man

    46. Robins Hoodedfriends

      No dont change it

    47. Robins Hoodedfriends


    48. Robins Hoodedfriends

      Tight but wierd

    49. Robins Hoodedfriends

      Too dayum wierd babe

    50. Oskiii

      Dance choreographer: how aggressive Lady gaga: yes

    51. Jorge Avila

      Help me I am selling water bags to survive

    52. Jorge Avila

      Help me I am selling water bags to survive

    53. Tejaan Music

    54. Diana An

      Какая же она классная 😍😍😍Леди Гага, я вас обожаю

    55. люда спирина

      што ти с собой зделала посмотри клип старий с твоим мужом

    56. Kyle King

      Wait are we in the future already?

      1. Kyle King

        @Lady gaga thanks bud ill check it out. Ur not one of those internet wierdos are you? Cause that would be fine too.

      2. Lady gaga

        @Kyle King Are you on WhatsApp? If yes , drop your WhatsApp number for private discussion or message me on Whatsapp @ +18022771470

      3. Kyle King

        @Lady gaga u take care you lovely creature and thanks for the messages u made a simple fella smile 😊 i hope u have at least one good person round ya 💋💋💋 stay strong. Now lets get back to work. U have a job and so do i, cya cyber later wexy flexy 😘

      4. Kyle King

        @Lady gaga the land of enchantment of course 😉

      5. Lady gaga

        Where are you from

    57. Pearl Rocha

      Such an ICON 💕

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    58. Robert Foster

      Ok but can we please talk about those black boots that she’s been wearing for 11 years lol

      1. Lady gaga

        @Rebecca Kirby Send me an email for private discussion or message me on Hangouts @

      2. Rebecca Kirby

        @Lady gaga yasssssss

      3. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

      4. bbygirlnextdoor

        that’s her most comfortable and energy shoe for her and also she has several pairs made lol

    59. Trista Walker


    60. guada

      1M✅ 2M✅ 3M✅ 4M✅ 5M✔️ Stan Little Mix, Ari and Lady Gaga 💜♥️💕

    61. Rick Silva

      Quais os nomes das músicas?

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    62. Cleberson Rodriguez

      Caraca, eu sou fã dela

    63. Top Fairy

      *Wow, it’s great*

    64. Caleb Wrubleski

      this performance makes me so happy

    65. Jack

      When Ariana dresses like Baby Spice and no one notices

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    66. Lucas Choucair

      The biggest moment of the year

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    67. Alezandra Smith

      Love it!!!!

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    68. ваше величество

      I'm a little monster 😊👾

    69. Mikper

      it took me a few minutes to find out why they are wearing mask, I'm just stupid

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello there how are you

    70. Mike East

      It seems as if she said..." Good job for hitting that note" if you say it it sincs with her.

      1. Lady gaga

        @Mike East Send me an email for private discussion or message me on Hangouts @

      2. Mike East

        @Lady gaga I don't have that

      3. Lady gaga

        @Mike East Are you on WhatsApp? If yes , drop your WhatsApp number for private discussion or message me on Whatsapp @ +18022771470

      4. Mike East

        @Lady gaga south Dakota u?

      5. Lady gaga

        Where are you from

    71. Ben_Bc.

      04:17 Gaga harmonizing while Ariana gives that high note is the most iconic moment in music performances in 2020

    72. Vonszeil Spight

      I've been wearing a mask since the great recession


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    74. Stella Schäfer

      Oh no Gaga I think u dropped ur... um.. ur boob❤😅

    75. Shay Asher Altman

      She's the best that has came into the 20th and...21th century and all you haters that don't like this video she is all masked up with her crew masked up she is an icon you better bow bitches!!!!

    76. GL K

      Fantastic lip-singing skills. Lady Gaga almost did a perfect job. Except when she kept swinging the microphone @4:05 away from herself, and you couldn't tell a difference in the voice, making it very evident that this was a pre-recorded voiceover. Otherwise, it was an almost perfect lip-singing performance. I'm glad to see that not only Madonna resorts to these kind of tactics.

      1. J Martin

        Does this look like lip syncing

      2. GL K

        @Dana Abu Saifan maybe you guys are right. I find it though a bit desperate to have to fake singing through a handheld microphone, just to prove that she's singing live. In the end, it made me think that she was faking it. It's all ok. I'm ok with lipsinging.

      3. Dana Abu Saifan

        plus you can hear her nails clicking on with eachother so..

      4. Dana Abu Saifan

        the mic is for show there is abviously a mic inside her mask -_-

      5. J Martin

        There’s a mic in her mask😷🙄

    77. Aiyana Baker

      U have cool dance moves

    78. José Lucas

      Eu ainda não superei essa performance 😭❤️Tudo lindo, tudo maravilhoso, Ariana com esse penteado aff linda demais 💜☔

      1. Elisabeth Nunes

        Enfim alguém q fala português kkkk

    79. P H


    80. huxin100

      so nice

    81. Samuel John

      Best Performance😘❤️

    82. Joey Brown

      love songs

    83. miminandrei

      guauuu!! que super montaje !!! Eres fantastica Lady Gaga

    84. Gabriel Sorano

      Boring, i miss the old gaga

    85. Элмира Акимжанова


    86. Jey Alferos

      ILY GAGA :((

    87. Christian Hull

      Honestly I still wanna know what she said to Ariana

    88. Edgar Díaz


    89. hanny Castillo

      Unas reinas. 🤩🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    90. Seliyah

      This woman has been influencing my life since I was like 10 now I’m almost 20 and she still continues to inspire me


        Same here

      2. envy homunculus

        I was like 12 when i was listening her. I'm 18 and still listening

    91. Dorinha Ramos

      U nomiiii do meu filho vai Rain On Me....

    92. P H


    93. jouni mäenpää

      ga ga that god----

    94. Lorena Angel

      Brutal she is !!! ❤️❤️❤️😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💋🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    95. Lilla Körmendy


    96. Edgar Díaz


    97. Amy Mai

      ilysm! i've been a fan for two years

    98. Luciano Levy

      I just realized at the end that those masks are because of the pandemic lol

    99. Ossama Kiko

      the most influencer woman ever

    100. Ys A

      Illuminatinin oyuncakları👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻