Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Official Audio)


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons. (C) 2016 Interscope Records

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    1. Deb Dickerson

      Same my sissters making me play this song I am dieing s.o.s

    2. HeterosAreIcky

      we can all agree that this is definitely a different approach and tune than what she used to do but it's still amazing and sounds like her

    3. NOVELAS & CIA

      Who Else In 2020? 💕

    4. Arkham Asylum controller

      GAGA 😍

    5. Oraide Alves

      Amo essa música 😻

    6. Bandida e Perigosa

      Acho muito linda essa música 😢 me faz lembrar do meu passado triste

    7. Heron Matthew

      Hi I’m Summer and l love this song

    8. Bandida e Perigosa

      Essa música faz me lembrar antes da covid como todos os brasileiros eram felizes essa música me faz chorar

    9. Mônica Souza

      Tá mais vc que é Br já viu a versão em português dessa música??? Eu particularmente gostei muito

    10. Fernanda Benaion


    11. Esteban Gualteros

      It’s impressive how the same singer of Just Dance or Bad Romance is is able to take another phase of herself complete different, so pure and emotional. *A true artist.*

    12. Manda um salve pra taxista

      I love this song! ❤️🤠

      1. MrTimshellscherber

        Me 2

    13. Raul Jara Colina

      For this I pay my internet

    14. Emma Sigafoos12

      Good times :(

    15. Wiktor Zdzieblowski


    16. Hollagrl0999

      This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together..

    17. Danilo Bernardo

      2o2o Im queen kkkkkkkk

    18. Daniel Larson


    19. Luisa Lima

      this is my favorite Lady Gaga song

      1. MrTimshellscherber

        Mine 2

    20. Luisa Lima

      i love your songs

    21. fanisingle


    22. Fam bulous08

      What on earth is wrong with people who disliked this song that much?!! This is the best song from Lady Gaga ever!!!

    23. plolololololoo

      102.001.349 visualizaciones

    24. Rosangela Passos

      Love you

    25. Rose Bud

      This song makes me cry everytime I watch it. I was listening to this song when my dad told me we had to put down my dog. Thank you gaga for expressing my sadness

    26. ana

    27. Alayna Ross

      the most beautiful song ever

    28. Xivono Chabalala

      Anyone else tired of seeing them Shakifans comments

    29. Jared Martínez RU

      best lady gaga song very famous and beautiful ❣️ kisses gaga

    30. Marcelo Almeida

      100 Milhões ❤

    31. Brother Thomas Novel

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    32. Brother Thomas Novel

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    33. Felipe Vinícius

      Classic 🙏🏼

    34. angelica honey

      ❤️❤️♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

    35. Annamaria Benedetti


    36. Rodrigo Reyes

      4 years joanne

    37. mrnanni95

      Chi la ascolta ancora a Ottobre 2020? 😍

    38. Paulo Novelas E séries

      For a second I thought this masterpiece was written by Sia

    39. Eleni Osuna


    40. Higground kid Hahah


    41. Dean Tucker

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    42. Bella Bradley



      This song makes me cry....

    44. Cris John Abian

      Today, this song is now 4 years old!!! Happy Birthday Million Reasons

    45. Celine Bustamante

      WHO ELSE IN 2020??❣️

    46. angelina d'auria


    47. Lizok

      I have million reasons to listen to this song


    49. Lewis Breland

      The notes are very Mozartian.

    50. Anthony Gontier

      🇫🇷-> j’aime

    51. Vivien William

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    52. Sarina Miles

      Not many songs can make me cry but this is one of them.

    53. Chahine Amri

      RIP RBG 😢💐💕

    54. Clara Liriano

      To think this song was made 3 years ago

    55. Audrina Glass

      Anyone here in 2020? I absolutely love this song 🤍

    56. Miss Caroline

      But baby I just need one good one to stay...

    57. Madonna Ciccone

      I love you GAGA, you'r the best! 🧡❤️

    58. Tiago Pereira

      Amazing song

    59. zenny nicki

      Who else in 2020?

    60. Micael Calebe


    61. Lucas Wilson

      eu te amo

    62. jana skibo

      This is song is a Spiritual Experience for me

    63. Katarzyna Brzuska


    64. Kindly Help Me Out Hit 1K Subscribers

      Only kind people who can support others 💛

    65. Tonny Queiroz

      quem veio pelo estranho👍

    66. Yohan Pawer I'm a french little monster 🥺🇫🇷

    67. Bruno Benevenuto

      Millions Reasons mais viws que G.U.Y. ♥️♥️ Joanne >>>>>> toda discografia da gaga

    68. Danilo Sadeli

      SENHOR DEUS, como eu gosto dessa obra de arte. 💙

    69. Matheus Almeida


    70. EL

      This song.. and perfect illusions gave the me power to leave a seriously abuse relations with no support.. thank you...

    71. salvo68OnTwitch

      Good song...👍

    72. Helena W.


    73. edu milan

      Wooow I just love her voice. Especially from "A star is Born".

    74. جــولــيــا𖤐.

      You gave me a million reasons to watch your song, your voice is really amazing 💞

    75. hafsa malik

    76. Laura Murray

      Me and my kids abs Love!!! Lady Gaga. She is so talented. Love Her! She is so unapolgetically unique. Love that she dont try to be a cookie cutter artist. Love Her!

    77. Hung Mr

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    78. Ross Anderson

      A Million reasons to like this song. Not one reason to dislike it.

    79. Jayleen Cruz


    80. Barby Negra


    81. Milena Lima

      2020 ♥️

    82. Nessun nome e nemmeno cognome.


    83. Rick Oliver

      One of her best songs ♥️

    84. Chase Baker

      Almost 26,000 people are unreasonable

    85. Rian Lycony

      Amooo demais demais😍❤

    86. Wallis Pereira




    88. Natacha ch

      2020? 💔❤️

    89. The Peregrines

      how could you thumbs down this?

    90. R Mcn

    91. Lintyfreakinpokets

      This is the worst song i have ever heard, and it plays every hour on the radio at work. Absolute dogshit, sounds like a deaf person, cannot hit a note for shit. At least she calls herself worn out leather, accurate. Good one Good one Good one Good one Good one Good one

      1. Google Account

        Are you still alive?

      2. Harout Ekmekjian

        Chill, who hurt you?

    92. Nildes Souza

      Eu já escutei essa música muita fez lady gaga




      Me encanta



    96. Ashley Yu

      they want dead biz I turned them all dead for them to get whatever they want but don't bother me

    97. adı: mezun

      This song make me die.

    98. Nadia Mansour

      I love your song Lady Gaga 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    99. Nadia Mansour

      J’adore toutes tes chanson Lady Gaga 😃😄😁🤩

    100. G Gaviria

      La Mejor canción de todo el Album de Joane ! Sin dudas