Lady Gaga - Chromatica III (Audio)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing Chromatica III (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    2. naso same

      i love it

    3. naso same


    4. Isael Nieves


    5. LukeG

      Abertura de Fina Estampa?

    6. miriã borges


    7. Armazi Dundua


    8. Armazi Dundua


    9. Armazi Dundua


    10. Armazi Dundua


    11. Noel Jimenez

      Happy 35th birthday Miss Lady Gaga, have an amazing day and may God bless you for being in this world, we all love you and eat all the cake you want and have a great time with your family and the older you are, the more we love. We appreciate you as a person as a singer and as an artist we love you and you are an incredible person that God brought us from the world because you are one of those people that God brought us with gratitude, we needed you so much for your music we appreciate and your fundraising events to help people in need, we thank you for it and we hope you get all the birthday wishes you receive because you deserve them all and you know what people say 35 is the new 25 and I hope you and you have a great day family because it is a very special day and I would love to say your real name but out of respect for you I prefer to call you Lady Gaga because it is the name that always illuminates me when I am depressed and I heard for the first time in the r Goodbye in 2008 when I was alone and had seven years and I believe that God is within you because for me you are a God that the world does not know and I do not care what people say you deserve all the love in the world 🌎 and I am a fan for life best I do I will never turn against you like others do and these 35 years are a blessing for you and you are an angel that still lives among us and we as fans will always support you we have your bad lady gaga I never leave you and we will donate everything we can so that we can celebrate your birthday and you are the most beautiful woman I have seen in my life, in this world I became the most beautiful and your beauty never ceases to amaze me and once again happy birthday to the person. We all love the person who made lady gaga happen Stefani Germanotta and we love you Stefani, you make us feel better and make your hearts light up all the time and your act of kindness is sorely needed in this world and we thank you for that. . and god will reward you with every blessing you get in this world and god bless you And have amazing blessful birthday Lady Gaga and have an amazing happy birthday, we love you, happy birthday 🎂

    12. Լիլիա Տոնոյան


    13. محد محد

      فكيو 😭

    14. shiva Mstafa


    15. #-just me

    16. #-just me

    17. ARMY


    18. Dunel Peach


    19. Rozha Army


    20. HARU M

      Love this music⚡⚡

    21. Dorian the Killjoy

      Idk why but I love these weird little sections. Very cool.

    22. • haikyuu_lover •

      Anyone hear after 911 music video?

    23. XVX


    24. Storytelling by Noblesse

    25. Frank Stefano Rosales

      i twerk to this

    26. VP Charts

      Chromatica II + 911 + Chromatica III = 911 MV

    27. Harmony Walters

      I need Help im being stalked.

    28. VladwasApedovore

      I am a fan of the blood eagle. But not #pedovores

    29. Vinicius almeida

      Próximo single depois de 911 Amo

    30. Angus Luke

      It sounds like Toy Story V is about to start.

    31. Dimitrije Lukic

      Mirtha Perez - "¿Què me pasa esta Mañana?" 👉 ❤️

    32. Yana David


    33. Nico Hoff


    34. Michael Metzler

      what a shame that this isnt longer 😭

    35. eye origins

      this is the superior interlude

    36. Artem Arti

      Lady Gaga 💎

    37. Skyfall Sy

      She did That

    38. Skyfall Sy


    39. 7668587 0


    40. FELI ASMR

      I cant believe that Chromatica is not nomitated for the album of the year. It is the best album of this year

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        Chrmoatica is not nominated because there isn't an award called "Album of the Decade"

    41. Luiz Henrique Turato

      você é a melhor cantora do mundo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    42. Krzysztof Szymaniak


    43. Arte Singular

      Fina Estampa?

    44. xvx bad


    45. xvx bad


    46. pheba100

      I AM GOING TO POST THIS ON EVERY CHROMATICA SONG. Ηow the hell Gaga doesn't promote her albums ever !? it's like she stopped trying since 2011 ! I just can't get how that mediocre Dua Lipa had 25 live performances for "don't start now", 7 videos/singles for Future Nostalgia, at least 15 more "live" performances during this outbreak and a HUGE push from everybody!! that's how she got nominated for all these awards ! Gaga had only 3 singles and ony 1, only ONE live performance this past 10 months ! AND CHROMATICA OUTSOLD Future Nostalgia ! what the hell ?? they just leave it to be a hit by it self...? No, no! This album is my EVERYTHING. It's such a shame to be overshadowed by some basic singers or by herself.

    47. Hector Bris

      Me encanta

    48. Cicera Maria


    49. Gera

      its a dream

    50. K. B. Tたぱっら

      this sounds like the sims music. i love it.

      1. Javier Blanco

        Lol trueeee

    51. Tejaan Music

    52. Lanz Vasily

      ke mal che ninguna buena cancion . como quiero que vuelva la LADY GAGA del 20082011 donde sus canciones eran las mejores

    53. NL XyLViuZ

      * Like * Beautiful

    54. Stephan Bennett

      Is it just me or does this sound like ratchet on Netflix


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    56. Sean Roxanne

      this transition appears the end of 911 VDO.

    57. Armazi Monster


    58. natalia

      queen of intros I swear.

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    65. Gianluigi Picciolo

      WTF people just give 👎🏼.. Are u crazy!!

    66. Julysa Pino

      Tinista presente apoyando, Pasense por DUELE y ella dice de Tini, gracias por su apoyo

    67. Javier Blanco

      Pasen por 911

    68. Javier Blanco


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    74. Armazi Monster

      Love 🦄

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    78. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art

    79. Aviation Jaden


    80. Tony Fox Tarot


    81. Salam Əliyev

      ultimate air❤🌌🔥👁

    82. Edson henrique da silva

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    83. Alice Kazami

      Chromatica 3 is charting now instead of 911 because interscope messed up credits and video streams weren't counted.They did Gaga dirty as they always do

    84. Rachel Jardin

      This is the end of 911 💖

    85. Storytelling by Noblesse

    86. Anjali s


    87. kelo

      the beginning sound like a windows error- xD

    88. Jhon Cuenca

      Next singles : 🍬 Sour Candy (oficial video) 🐇 ALICE (promo) 👽 Enigma 🔄 Replay * 🙏 Sine From Above* 🔚 Babylon * *songs that's probably come out with sure.

    89. Wevertton Vieira


    90. Paula Murta

      Don't know why but the last 5 seconds brought tears to my eyes

    91. Batın Berk Çevik

      It has a serious "a series of unfortunate events" vibes and i'm lovin it

    92. stan everything

      wait! Chromatica II and III was played in the 911 mv. Chromatica II at the beginning and Chromatic III at the end. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    93. Zhenis Zhenis

      This is played on 911 video end...


      who is here for the 911’s new video by Lady Gaga?

    95. Thomas Félix


    96. Josh Gavin

      This is at the end of 911

    97. Olive Specter

      Just passing by after 911 video

    98. Ruzo Studio


    99. Irven Tano

      Who’s here again after watching 911’s mv?

      1. nirmala gurl

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    100. Luz Moran

      Now that I watched the 911 video this foreshadows the Sine From Above MV.

      1. Kanna Janna

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