Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. Behind The Scenes Teaser


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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing G.U.Y. Behind The Scenes Teaser. © 2014 Interscope

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    1. Cruz Priego José Eduardo


    2. XVX BB


    3. Storytelling by

    4. Bernard Kokalj

      Who is still waiting in 2020?

    5. ESC Georgia

      who's still waiting in 2020? am i the only one?

    6. jameson

      justice for artpop 😭

    7. Mae

      I'm still waiting for the BTS hehe #JusticeForARTPOP

    8. Little Monster

      Is ART FLOP????

    9. jake monster

      Yees queen

    10. Miguel Pinto

      Its 2020 and i am still waiting

    11. vincent.fstr

      Most underrated song and the fan of this one don't even have the BTS😭

    12. M B


    13. Fabrício Akira

      ainda esperando gaga

      1. Haus Of Monsters


    14. activ

      💎💎💎💎💎💎te amooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️la verdadera reina del pop⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐hermosa y talentosa💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎amo tu voz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️x siempre contigo linda⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    15. Miguel ordu

      G.U.Y. 😭😭😭❤

    16. Nicolas Alves

      Até hoje nada meu deuskk

    17. P .S. L .I. Ambas unas hermosas divas, ¿Divas? Mejor dicho diosas 😍.

    18. Jot Ge.

      Gaga die geilste Künstlerin zur Zeit....

    19. Kieran Willis

      The new form of tease is to never be fulfilled at all. I want the full BTS of guy and its nearly 2020.. If only it didn't flop so hard

    20. claudia Magana

      Gaga, Your awesome !

    21. Yeehaw

      Her mind is too powerful

    22. Epitome Stylist

      She directed the whole thing!!

    23. Leonardo Cardoso Candia


    24. Amor Do Futuro

      2019? 👏💗👏

    25. MissCoolGirl

      soo is this ever comming out?

      1. Ash Nelson

        no lol

    26. TheLapari

      So this was not a teaser for BTS but for the MV right? (A BTS teaser for the MV)

    27. Kresna T P P

      This video release at 2014 And now it's 2019 So.... WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN FULL BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO?! PRETTY PLEASE?!

    28. Cruz

      Well where is it Gaga?

      1. Ash Nelson


    29. Vinh NGUYEN

      So where is the video now after all these year. SUCH A LIAR!!!

    30. Paolo Alegria

      I am still waiting 😭

    31. esmere00 ahboh

      Queen of Pop

    32. Free Bitch

      The video of G.U.Y deserves more !

    33. Tyler Cloutier Mendoza

      Still waiting

      1. Ash Nelson


    34. Frank Zong

      2019 we still waiting for Behind The Scenes

    35. Chris T


    36. pq choras simba? Oscar

      Vim do futuro 9 Grammys Grammys Globo de Ouro e uma Oscar

    37. Aria H

      I believe that this song is one of the best and vigorous songs of all🎶🥇🕍💗

    38. Gabriel Vieira

      0:09 que perfeita❤

    39. Little Monster

      Linda perfeita😍

    40. zrvn

      Take your time Gaga

    41. Cleudison Ângelo

      "#Muito rápido#! FICOU MELHOR QUE O #CLIPE# KKKKK!"


      Why cant I get off your nuts...? Only Hades knows...& I'd like to keep it that way...(please)

    43. ؘ

      Nem isso ela lançou pqp

    44. La Divais

      Still waiting...

    45. Francis Rubio


    46. Paulo Sergio

      Clipe do milênio

    47. Lucas Gerez

      The queen of pop 👑

    48. nick iezaad

      still waiting after 4 years.

    49. Charlie Mendes

      Still waiting

    50. Adonn Lucero

      name someone prettier, ill wait.

    51. JASON


    52. Martin Fernandez


    53. Martin Fernandez


    54. Little Black Dress

      Her best song

    55. Martin Fernandez


    56. LPSbeks TV

      "I live between two things, I live between ARTPOP all the time..." and the other thing is...(?)

      1. carleujr

        LPSbeks TV art and pop

    57. Daenerys was just Remodeling


    58. Mario Canada Vatinsquerós

      Gaga ,???

    59. vicky

      so where is it

    60. mago Casanova

      T amo perra gaga

    61. Régis Eduardo

      "I live between Art and Pop." Never forget that Gaga. Sincerely, your fans.

    62. Renata Brito

      Diva diva

    63. plolololololoo

      Bueno, igual algun dia lo vemos completo...

    64. DanBekim

      its 2017 and I still waiting...

      1. Ash Nelson

        @DanBekim its 2019 and im still waiting.........

      2. DanBekim

        its 2018 and I’m still waiting

    65. danilo germanotta


    66. Jkb

      You're a bit late on putting it out...

      1. Ash Nelson


    67. Gerald Giovanni

      her peak in beauty!! her BEST video

    68. Gallery Gaga

      And i still waiting

      1. Ash Nelson

        well im still waiting too

    69. Prince Jacalne

      Every teaser , demos , album covers , outifts makes me excited but never releases it .

    70. Taylor

      Gaga looked her best during ARTPOP era.. to bad it had only 2 music videos :/

      1. Ash Nelson


    71. Nick O' Teene.

      Still Waiting...

      1. Ash Nelson


    72. Douglas Ramos Jordao


    73. ASK


    74. Pedro Alves

      Where is IT????

      1. Ash Nelson


    75. Matías Torres

      they never released the full video

    76. Louis Felice

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      1. Ash Nelson


    77. Natália Melo


      1. Ash Nelson


    78. Fran Ruta

      Still waitin!

    79. CelestePomaVEVO


    80. xRWTYx

      Still an amazing big production music video that I absolutely love. I wish they would have uploaded all the BTS footage

    81. Allan Vang

      She lives wih artpop all the time she says. Thats now what her new music video sounded like.

    82. Humberto Toro

      I wanna be that G.U.Y. Oh Gaga, all you had to do was make videos for Artpop

    83. Bedir Ascioglu


    84. Maycom

      Still Waiting full G.U.Y Behind The Scenes... =s

    85. Charly Yam

    86. MyuNeptune

      I really wish to see full behind the scenes. I love watching this type of stuff, it's interesting.

    87. jasmine may Gonzales

      first she said i live between reality and fantasy at all times then now ahe said i live between ARTPOP all the time what the fuck gaga

    88. jasmine may Gonzales

      whos watching this AUGUST 2016?? 😍

      1. Cottonmouth

        jasmine may Gonzales 2017

    89. Doug Pierce

      Gaga is Amazing

    90. salvador Mind

      Me Encantá Todo esto!, guau lo Amo.

    91. ARTPOP Canon


    92. Lana Parker

      Nice ! 💓💜💓👏

    93. Alyna Abarca Alonso

      muy bonita lady Gaga😍😘

    94. aw9reader

      still waiting for the BTS & The Do What U Want Music Video... Why is Tony Bennett suddenly on the channel anyway? That's the part that confuses me...

    95. Fabs Sillk


    96. ARTPOP Canon


    97. ARTPOP Canon


    98. Florencia Coppari


    99. Julien Styles


    100. Netto Nunes