Lady Gaga, Honey Dijon - Free Woman (Honey Dijon Realness Remix/Audio)


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    1. HARU M

      Love this music and voice and remix⚡⚡

    2. Santiago Santisantiago

      Amazing remix

    3. Oswaldo Landin


    4. Elissa 2019


    5. naso same

      lets Gooo

    6. Lilmrweeszy

      Anyone from the French radio? 💗🇫🇷✨

    7. Luis Hernández

      I really love and defend Chromatica, i mean, every song is such a bop but this remix sucks and y'all lying to yourself if you don't see it

      1. Jorge G. Ruiz

        This mix is amazing and full of energy, I walk to my work listening to this version

    8. Dawna Maria

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      1. ruby cục súc

        Karen, covid is real

    9. miriã borges

    10. Faisal Zafar

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    11. Selvi K

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    12. Kevinomar Sanchez

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    13. Kevinomar Sanchez

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    14. Լիլիա Տոնոյան


    15. Kevinomar Sanchez

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    16. Kevinomar Sanchez

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    17. Zz Zz

      How animal and pretend you are and you bribe him, Ugly BTS is better than your songs, naked

      1. Santiago Santisantiago

        Hater ugly

    18. ARMY


    19. Rozha Army


      1. ruby cục súc


    20. Магомед Абдулхаликов


    21. Orion

      When this came out on ur bday-

    22. Murilo Motta

      this is everything i need forever&ever

    23. Maria Beatriz

      $&*$; $*$^😠

    24. Russ D'AMOND

      Pls . calm

    25. Russ D'AMOND


    26. Russ D'AMOND


    27. Russ D'AMOND

      Please LOL

    28. Russ D'AMOND

      No, I'm free pls

    29. Russ D'AMOND

      Cool come down hahahah

    30. Russ D'AMOND

      wink free

    31. Russ D'AMOND

      I thought Inskipped the ad nope lol

    32. Russ D'AMOND


    33. Myke Douglas Martins

      Waiting for Babylon Remix !!! ❤️😻❤️😻

    34. Marcelo Almeida

      Top ♡

    35. Matthew Digirolamo

      Years ago a remix like this would have been released to radio. It's not years ago🤷‍♂️

    36. Noel Jimenez

      Hey lady gaga i know its been a while but i hope you been doing good and i hope you are having a great day and having a blessful day and i loved seeing you win that award it means a lot to me that an amazing women like you won that award because you deserve this because to me you deserve every bit of this award and god knows you are a beauliful soul that he knew he had to bring in this world because he knew you would change in this world and in music and i just wanna say i love you and i hope we as your fans could help you more than ever and for me i just hope you read my messages and brings a smile in your life everytime you read them and have a blessful day lady gaga and god be you and i hope you are having fun in the biden inaugural and i know you are gotta sing like a angel because you always do and please stay safe lady gaga because we dont want anything to happen to you and biden and the rest of the people and we love you and martin luther king jr would be happy for continuing hi s legacy and we are too and god be with you tomorrow and stay safe lady gaga and we as your fans love you lady gaga 👍

    37. Rodrigo Rabelo

      Melhor Remix do Chromatica 💛

    38. CryptoInvestor Inc

      4 months ago shit your less popular than me

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    40. Satanás

      Does anybody know the type of design used for the single art?

    41. Murilo Bernardo

      I want to know you

    42. Skyfall Sy


    43. Skyfall Sy

      Be freeee

    44. Josh Camu

      "beef, free"

    45. No Name

      Bitch this song is a masterpiece Point, blanc, periodt

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    47. Geoff Stanley


      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    48. Junicure

      bottoms, is this what poppers feel like?

    49. Théo. Chesneau.


    50. Stephanie Guinto


      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

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      1. Lady gaga

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        You new isaac you netme you mamorme like you love you

      3. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    54. Eduardo Almeida

      Free woman video please

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    55. minima moralia

      Poor MK...

    56. Paul Gregg

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    57. Megan Bun

      P P P Pp

    58. Diamond _20

      Don’t cancel me but I actually kinda like this better than the released version and demo 😅

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        This is such a good remix. You don't to be afraid, it's your opinion. BE FREE. ❤

      2. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    59. Tiago Souza

      Eu amei demaaais esse remix!! Ainda acho que free woman será o 3º single

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    60. Miguel TDF


    61. Edson henrique da silva

      Lady Gaga foi indicada a 7 categorias do prêmio EMA2020 E vamos votar. Gaga tem que levar esses prêmios

    62. Patrick Page


    63. J4MES

      I made a night-version remix of 911, check out: hope you guys enjoy! ❤️

    64. Keith Cari-an

      Honey Dijon from RPDR 8 really has come a long way

    65. Jorge G. Ruiz

      I love it!!!

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    66. ABM Snoop


    67. Psalm Hughes Beauty

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    68. Lutz Mikschl


    69. may

      honey dijon always on pointttttt

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    70. Traduções BR


    71. Got Fgyjyuu


    72. jake monster

      I am not a remix stan person usually but this one is coming to my list!

    73. Francisco Gutierrez

      Replay remiX honey !

    74. honeymoon


      1. honeymoon

        @Lady gaga omg gaga in eua there whatsapp? Omg i share message of you

      2. Lady gaga

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      3. honeymoon

        @Lady gaga omg gaga is you? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👏👏👏👏😱😱😱😱👏👏👏

      4. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    75. Amilton Fidélis

      Lady...please, Record THE CHANGE - Nina Hagen...have your face.

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    76. Holly anne



      Welcome to Chicago House young children.

      1. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    78. Marcelo Almeida

      Be Freee

      1. Lady gaga

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      2. Marcelo Almeida

        @Lady gaga ❤

      3. Lady gaga

        Hello how are you

    79. Ricardo


    80. Anne Cristina Pereira

      Adorei remix

    81. Anne Cristina Pereira

      Vou dançar muitoooo

    82. Wyn Ignatius

      imagine walking myself thru old buildings and wearing turtleneck fashion and listening to this track. ah good heavens

    83. Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos

      "People say Lady Gaga has only american fans" Like if you are not American 🔰

    84. Chandler Ingram

      It kinda sounds like there’s more to life than this by bjork

    85. Kiamo Sky

      Sounds like Dora the explorer💀💀

    86. manuel de guzman

      911 please

    87. Oğuzhan Oyun TV ??

    88. Akhil

      What is this mess 😭 we want Babylon Haus labs version or free woman demo in HQ

    89. Manuel Aguilar11

      Hello my friend nice cont good bless 🙏 good 👍 🎶

    90. Tracy Carmack

      This is my jam.

    91. guada suarez

      Good !!! It is great ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    92. Honey Money Club

      Brrrrrr 🔥🔥🔥🔥✌

    93. Fredy Abad

      Pasen por ahí please. 😘😘 Litlemonsters

    94. Patricia Morales

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    95. Tiago Souza

      Sou o único que ama remix?? Lady Gaga pode liberar mais que eu vou amaaar 💖💖

    96. Gabi's X Romeo

      I think Free Woman and Babylon will be the next singles after 911

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        HOPEFULLY. ❤

    97. Eva Friedrich

      I don't now anyone who sings as well aß you do. I love you🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💖💝💖

    98. Sophia Vigil

      Still can’t believe she was no American horror story

    99. Origami practice GARDEN JP

      I am free

    100. Elif Tufan ???