Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (Live from SNL)


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    1. Grace Nance

      OMG this is such a masterpiece, and Gaga is such a Queen 👸 Love Gaga forever #littlemonsterforlife

    2. Slipt Psyche

      I love how iconic she is. All these interesting outfits and interesting personality. Great voice. Great songwriting.

    3. rocko.ambition

      I have to say, this is literally one of her top 10 performances in her career 🎹 people didn't like Joanne because of the simplicity but that left room for Gaga to really showcase her vocals and to convey how she felt while making that record without elaborate props because SHE IS the spectacle. She's is a true artist and performer, right down to the core

    4. Ronnie Roberts

      This Woman never ceases to amaze me!

    5. luke ketchum

      Interesting. Tom Hanks introduces her as Lady Gaga. And Alec Baldwin introduces her as Ally.

    6. Ralf Bou Chaya

      Isn’t this the best live performance of million reasons?

    7. sky

      This definitely blew the studio version out of the water

    8. DragonChild460

      Who's the guitarist in the back? She's fantastic!

    9. 808 G8GT

      Thats one hell of a camel toe @2:34

    10. Karina Ruiz JimDandy

    11. Maggie Jane

      Anyone here after chromatica 🥺💗

    12. jeramie Lucas

      This was the first time I heard this song and I was amazed! Love the song and awesome performance!

    13. Jason Pollak

      Sings like an angel from heaven Studio or live what a beautiful voice Simply Amazing how are human being could bring so much joy pain relief in these emotional times when she first came out I knew she would be a Megastar I can tell by the sound of her voice never mind all the overproduced background she stuck out she is the Mona of the Lisa or the Lisa of the Moana Simply Amazing wish you all the best

    14. 23 BV


    15. Bri Mç G

      Amazing live performance 💪

    16. MsElisMom

      Goo goo for ga ga. I love when she points at the audience like she’s mad. You can tell she has a lotta heart. Banging body too! 😍

    17. Alex Henrie

      The "walk awaAaAay" part makes me cream

    18. 黑虎迪B.TIGER.D

      Lady Gaga is amazing

    19. Lovey Gerse

      Some of you bitches took advantage of Joanne era, she looks freaking beautiful, and graceful!! Appreciate her art every decade, because she is really ahead of her or..... our time.

    20. Kathlene Charbonneau

      Such natural talent. 🙂

    21. Emily Depetrillo

      my favorite woman

    22. 0s

      Why on gods name is this video blocked in my country #GAGAForQueenInSaudiArabia

    23. Rob

      Nothing against 'Shallow' but this is, IMO, the most beautiful song she's done

    24. B A D


    25. Kat J Phillips

      Goddess help me...what a talent!!

    26. InternetSavage

      Wish SNL would put on musicians at least half as good as her at least occasionally but they don't which is why SNL is such a POS now.

    27. B B

      Love me some Gaga!

    28. Blake DSM

      UGH! I am STILL living for that run at 2:18 and 3:12!

    29. John Rutledge

      operator that's not the way it feels Jim Croce.

    30. BEN NY


    31. arlene valle

      Such an amazing emotional performance! I love that bradley was there for her after this performance ♥ when there kindred spirits meet and it's cataclysmic in the best way possible! We don't deserve there amazing energy but we're loving it!!

    32. Potus 2020

      There's my ACADEMY award winning9grammy Queen😍😎🦄

    33. LBlush

      I like this version. I love her outfit too.

    34. Agustin Iglesias

      What an awesome talent!!!

    35. Angela Payne

      I love your heart gaga! Nurse Angela

    36. Fabiano


    37. Brynnan Ashton

      Great song and all but that coat and hat she's wearing are EVERYTHING.

    38. Jordan McMichael

      Camel Toe!!

    39. distancedoesntcare

      She is literally the only artist I have seen on SNL that sounded good, besides Childish Gambino. I haven't watched a ton of episodes, but usually the sound is terrible, and don't get me started on the bands themselves.

    40. Awakened Beauty

      Came here after a star is born, TRUE talent right here. I always loved Gaga but after this movie omg 😍😍😍😍

    41. B D

      a star is born

    42. B D

      paws up

    43. Timothy Boswell

      Could this be another reason ... Who was that in my head ... Oops ... Was i to naughty that last time ... Dont be angry darling ... Give me an minute to try and explain ... Not that i could change anything ... But let these wors try tho move you ... Like an ice cream at the theater ... Oh wrong show ... You just listen to me ... Oh no ... You mean you would like me to be your fan ... Well you know i was kinda thinking about that ... But you are so famous ... And i have told you repeatedly how beautiful i think you are ... Its ok dear ... Dont start crying ... Please ... Hug Hug Hug ... Kiss Kiss Kiss ... You feel better now dear ... I tasted your teardrops ... I just licked them of my lips ... I sure so love you ... Was you going to come over again ... You remember when i pushed you in that tire swing when we were younger ... You remember how they caught us trying to make out in the bushes ... You remember how old we were ... I cant believe after all this time we are still together ... I know baby ... I love you to ... Now lets go run through the sprinklers ... Again ...

    44. Natasha

      The best performance of Million Reasons. ❤️

    45. Nadia N

      This song. That voice. 😍

    46. Abbey Anderson

      i thought it was really cool that Hillary Lindsey (one of the song writers) got to perform harmonies with her!!

    47. kevin corcoran

      She wins Oscar and Grammy after A Star is Born

    48. Timothy Boswell

      Your such an professional ...

    49. Dilamd Zaid Marenco Valencia


    50. Troy Kotecki

      She good like this

    51. wild,cat T

      miss you already Gaga if i could just think of one 🛶⏳ just couldn't do it 👁️ best to you and yours good day Gaga carry on you're one great musician singer⚡️ slash amongst other things good night🌟. 🗿

    52. Lori Ann Bishop Tauber


    53. ChrisJerryF Franco

      Damn never realized she changed the lyrics at the end to “ i just need a good one WHO stays “ im sad af now

    54. Natasha

      I’ve seen some shitty performances on SNL that has million of views. Im shocked this doesn’t have millions of views. This is talent.

    55. DCgamer

      2:37 Proof she’s not a man XD

    56. Michael Chiorello

      Ms. Gaga, you are a true entertainer.

    57. Natasha

      The best performance of Million Reasons. ❤️

    58. Hector Martinez

      Imagine disliking this...

    59. Steven Topper

      That other lady can not sing

      1. robin212212

        Of course she can. Do you think Gaga would have hired her if she didn't? Come on.

    60. Jack Spraker

      She deserves her fame. Not so much for this song. Simply because she can actually sing.

    61. Lonely Cookie

      Who else wants her hat?????!!!!!???

    62. Adam Benson

      You known what,she is one of the best performing artist of our time :) fantastic!

    63. Daniel Penrod

      She is truly one of the most organic and authentic artists alive. I don't understand how people can dislike her and her work. Sure, it's different from her original work but that just adds merit to her strength as an artist. She isn't defined by one simple genre or style. She understands music for what it's worth and can branch out to find passion in multiple areas.

    64. Lizbeth Castro

      i love how she always sings her heart out and you can just FEEL the emotion. seeing her perform this live always drives me to tears.

    65. heyu922

      I don't usually listen to Lady Gaga but this song made me cry. The words express exactly how I feel right now in my life. It's really amazing when a song can say the words you feel inside so perfectly 😢

    66. Juan Valdez

      watch this and then watch Katy perry's bon appetit SNL performance... it's almost sad. It would be like trying to watch me box Mike Tyson.

    67. Tomasz Kowalczyk

      i love gaga

    68. Luis Gonzalez


    69. tim white

      I have to say that I'm not a Lady Gaga fan in any sense, but in a sucker for a well written song, even a pop song. Hell, ESPECIALLY a well written pop song, there are enough badly written ones. She is s good song writer. And you GOT to respect someone who's talented at several instruments. it seems pop music (and I'm using "pop" to describe a specific type, like what she performs, I understand that it's all pretty much pop music, everything from Michael Jackson, to the Beatles, to Led Zepplin is Popular music) has a lot of "sleeper" talents. Many times the type of music they do is actually well below their actual capabilites. I think of all the cheesy "hair metal"bands from the 80s. The music was saturated with cliché, 1/3/4, pentatonic playing songs, but they were played many times by musicians who were capable of playing at levels FAR greater than what the bands they were in would lead you to believe. Especially guitar players. I'm thinking of people like Ritchie Kotzen who played for Poison for a while who I wrote off as just another hair band guitar player. The biggest revelation was John 5 who played with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. I mean, many of their songs you could play with just 2 or 3 strings on the guitar. Then I read an article about a Lynyrd Skynyrd album that had a bunch of guest guitarists,and they talking about John 5. They had never heard him, so when he walked in with a 2' tall bleached mohawk, platform Dr Martins and Black eyeliner, they immediately were worried they made a mistake. So they pulled up some Manson and Rob Zombie songs, and then really got worried. That music is nothing like what they were doing. I guess he exchanges some quick pleasantries, then plugged his guitar in and started to warm up. They said he stated to play this quick chicken-picking country lines that they thought Wes Montgomery would have been impressed with. They then were saying how unbelievably good he was. The kind of playing that makes guitar players with 4 decades experience want to put the guitar down and never play again. supposedly he could play anything and everything there is, was equally as proficient in all of them. I went to THwikis to check him out, and instantly knew what they were talking about. The point is, I wonder why they stick with pop.

    70. heather allen

      Best song I have heard her do and she really does have a hell of a voice and is an amazingly tolerant and accepting person

    71. G

      g'dam beautiful! she is beautiful.

    72. W Santos

      Hey Lady Gaga... I feel your soul. I just wanted to voice it even if this simple acknowlegement will never reach you in the conventional ways... sending you love...

    73. Loveandpeace 7


    74. Jen Dvorak

      So cool to see Hillary Lindsey who co-wrote the song there singing backup and playing guitar. Classy stuff Joanne!

    75. Robert Adrian

      Beautiful rendition of this instant classic. My heart just melts to her voice. All praises to the Joanne Album.

    76. Janie Lapka

      Love this song


      I love it when she's fatter..looks good

    78. Amy Bean

      JoAnn, you are THE REAL THING. Such heart and talent. You make this world a better place by sharing this. ❤

    79. billy brasher

      free music video

    80. Angelo Reyes

      I love this song.

    81. Democrat Resistance

      We love u Stefani xo

    82. Teera Xo

      This is the best performance of Million Reasons.

    83. Robert Lee, Countertenor

      This performance convinced me to buy her new album. She really is a stellar musician and singer. Truly.

    84. Andrew the Beatnik

      She sounds like a goddess.

    85. Ashley Wray

      her voice is so beautiful with just a piano, its so open and gorgeous

    86. Vivian Luu

      Is it me or her live versions for this song is so much better than her studio??!?? I want my life some Gaga!

    87. V Dance Fab

      in this performance, she has more chins than a Chinese phone book

    88. Michael S

      Why does it sound like she says "run for the kills" instead of "run for the hills" when she sings this live sometimes? Has anyone else noticed this?

    89. Виталий Боярчук

      Unavailable in Ukraine. Please fix that in the name of art!

    90. SanFranciscoJames

      Girl, didn't you momma tell you not to be climbing around on pianos in high heels???? please don't try that again. i saw... you nearly lost it!


      camel toe😝

    92. Lady GagaVEVO

      Vote for Gaga now

    93. Joe Henry Ryan

      this song has been the only thing to ease my pain.... if you'd like, I covered it and would be honored if you listened...

    94. Scarlet Harris

      AaaaaaMazing .....

    95. El Palomo Torres

      Check out my lady gaga parody!

    96. Holly Golightly

      Flawless vocals, passionate performance.. I love it so much. And she adds that little pinch of GagaNess, pure perfection here. There's something so special about this song. Other than it always ends with me in tears.

    97. Master of code 101


    98. ohitsdixie

      bitch snuck that mother fuckin run in and gave me the chills

    99. Brandon Sharp


    100. Michelle Gertz

      The best voice... luv her.. nothing bad to say at all..