Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 2: Lady Gaga and Her Fans


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    #VevoCertified Part 2: Lady Gaga and Her Fans
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    1. Monster Dennis

      I Love you From Germany ♥️😘

    2. Max Billion


    3. M B

      Happy Birthday GAGA

    4. Doug Pierce


    5. MSK

      500 ❤️

    6. HE HE HE


    7. MeOne 1

      M her biggest fan from India plz I want to meet her once

    8. Makarios Petlya


    9. Jordifreling

      I am a straight sexual big Gaga fan😌 I know a lot of other people that are too Haha, in Amsterdam ziggo dome , about half of the people were straight😌 Don’t think Lady Gaga only has gay fans. Her almost 200MILLION sold records are made of everyone

    10. Louise


    11. Antoni Budiman


    12. Jordifreling

      Straight Lady Gaga stans here?😏😌

    13. Edgardo Caballero

      mi favorita es jewels and drugs

    14. Louis Felice

      12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 528 503 Views 10 822 Likes 401 Dislikes 531 Comments 12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 551 673 Views 11 398 Likes 417 Dislikes 507 Comments 12th January 2021 : 6 Years !! 573 212 Views 12 011 Likes 428 Dislikes 489 Comments

    15. Jordifreling

      Any Straight fans like me?

      1. Artem XCX

        you're delusional

    16. Linda

      My favorite Lady Gaga song and music video is hands down Bad Romance.

    17. Cal

      The kid in the glasses tho

    18. Philip Moore

      Does vevo still make these types of videos?

    19. Heliot


    20. JUST DANCE


    21. JUST DANCE

      Gaga you're beautiful I LOVE your music and your outfits PLEASE KEEP SINGING IN YOUR MUSIC CAREER and i am one of your biggest fans

    22. Ailie Anne asmr

      my favorite music video is million reasons

    23. Kiaromeloenchen wululu

      I can´t accept myself...but I wanna be a little monster '-'

    24. BoostedOrange

      I'm the biggest Gaga fan. I'm 700 pounds and a fan so yeah.

    25. Johan Thunberg

      Boy with the glasses: call me ;)

    26. Louis Felice

      12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 528 503 Views 10 822 Likes 401 Dislikes 531 Comments

    27. Laura Lorena Rosas Leon

      o LOVE yougaga😘😘😘👍👍👊force

    28. hatsune miku


    29. S K Y M O O N 9 9


    30. Tj Finley

      gaga wearing Westwood YES GAWD.

    31. MistyTibs 2

      The first ever Lady Gaga music video I ever watched was applause and I've been hooked since!

    32. amber DISASTER CHILDS

      I love this deffo my favorite gaga video on THwikis

    33. Mbayeta dereon

      i am a beyhive but i LovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvE LADY GAGA

    34. Axé piai ArteJovem


    35. Ricky Santos

      bitches, I'm Lady Gaga's biggest fan 😑

      1. Ricky Santos

        Forever Aksel don't even try it. I am.

    36. -sofy-

      she's very cute!!

    37. Ваня Рябчич

      it's sad

    38. Maria Santos

      I'm a little monster

    39. Humberto Toro

      I'm Maria and I'm Lady Gaga's biggest fan

      1. Nemato

        Shut up Humberto

    40. a.m. l.j

      the best song is alejandro by gaga

    41. esther19741974

      You make it through Jewish Mystic Kabbalah, there is no other way!!

    42. itsjohn1995

      idk if its me but since artpop gaga haven't used the term "little monster" when she refer to us her fans

    43. NyAppyMiku22

      we love you too lady gaga

    44. anton greips

      lady gaga eres la mejpr

    45. Omar Tesfaye

      i'm little monster since beautiful dirty rich 💕

    46. Chromatico

      My favorite video it's Judas

      1. Abubakr #Apostate


    47. Mia Popovska

      i started waching lady gaga sins i was thre years old

      1. Luna

        And now you are 11?

    48. ARTPOP Canon


      1. pamela barria


    49. Vevo Gag


    50. Daniel

      Life without Lady Gaga would be a big mistake ! Thanks God she's here and she's a legend ! The queen of music.....

      1. Nocturnalis

        Daniel & Jeremie YAAAAAS PAWS UP MONSTER!

      2. lumi 2

        Talal A. 🤔

      3. Constanza Ramírez

        +Talal A. So what, we still love her

      4. Talal A.

        She does not give a damn shit about you.

    51. M R

      CRYING! ♥♡

    52. Emili Diaz

      little monster since 2008

    53. savonna biggs

      i love u lady gaga

    54. savonna biggs

      i am a lil monster

    55. DARK MEN

      Take care of business! Lady Gaga Bury open !

    56. betty gilpin stan first, human second

      a little monster since 2008

      1. lovely dandelion

        Same I grew up listening to a queen

      2. Zak Mik

        same here 👋✋

      3. hatsune miku

        agnieszka janus too♡

    57. Hugo Oliveros

      im a little monster

    58. David Tang

      Gaga changed so much. It looks to me like she has lost her ambitions that time

    59. dayday mincraft

      wow lady gaga is pretty like that with orange hair

    60. ARTPOP Canon

      My favorite video is MARRY THE NIGHT

    61. ARTPOP Canon

      LG5 please **

    62. aya ouladkhouy

      i love you gaga little monster 4 ever and proud

    63. Queen of style 5 MSP

      She's pretty in this video

    64. Darrelle bowman

      I lady gaga big fan

    65. Emily Coleman

      you made me have confident in my self and i am proud to be a little monster

    66. Emily Coleman

      i wish i could meet you gaga you have been my favorite singer since i was 5 and i am 11 now

    67. Emily Coleman

      plz make more songs

    68. Val Antonio

      i know your the fame monster lady gaga

    69. MyHoloAddiction OK?

      No bitch,I AM Lady Gaga's biggest fan.😑

    70. Momo

      Being a little monster being close to your real self and being courageous and brave enough to face everyone with who you truly are and how you were born. It doesn't mean watching the videos, much less buying her music.

    71. kherry zou

      dear God, gaga, in this video you look so awesome so pretty so beautiful, we love you more more and more. ~little monster from indonesia love u more.

    72. Sarah JU

      The girls seem fake af

      1. Gloria Tuarez

        Sarah JU la

      2. Sarah JU

        @Newberth palma and you're mad because?

      3. Newberth palma


    73. Jade L

      Should of got British people on here... It's nice not to hear an American embrace music but a British person because it sounds so much more genuine. Not hating on America i love America but i don't know sometimes sharing passions the way people express it seem so similar and cliche... Britain has a wider capacity for being over excited about something and telling it straight up about how it is, a bit like i am now. Again though, no hate just opinion.

      1. Toad

        +Jade Murphy I agree that these people are way less than qualified to be responding to the questions, but your comment is honestly ignorant (how's that for an American telling it straight up?). I can respect an opinion, but when you go on to generalize an entire country you're going over the line. There's literally billions of people in America that are /not/ these people and can genuinely express their thoughts & embrace music. I really hope you can comprehend that, it's quite overt. These people are obviously non-professional and nervous, but that's no reason to claim one country of people is 'more genuine' or has 'a wider capacity' than another. Think before you comment such nonsense.

    74. Yim Paul

      all of her male fans r gay????am i right??

      1. MyHoloAddiction OK?

        +Vapor Disc FUCK OFF

      2. MyHoloAddiction OK?

        Dude,FUCK OFF.

      3. Yim Paul

        +on9 on9 ye u r damn right

    75. KmasterZ Breaker

      Yeah, LadyGaga I like you verry much. I like Applause,Poker face and telephone. :P I'am from Thailand. '' Kobkoonka'' I like many your vedio. Bye.

    76. Madison Wilder

      Thumbs up if you like Lady Gaga: Applause

    77. Madison Wilder

      I'm Lady Gaga's fan to

    78. Stefani Germanotta


    79. Susan Ackerman

      Ied like to be a little monster...

    80. anglik211

      I am starting falling in love with Lgaga :)...Great voice, performance...she is an amazing artist

    81. Aleh Cicilio

      gaga no es una cantante es un idolo y los litle monster no somos fans somos una cultura una forma de ser

    82. NastyaEs

      I'm so proud of my idol

    83. kim nguyen

      1000 likes for gaga's beauty

    84. Alissa Arrieta

      im also a little monster.....but i randomly just started criying out of no where in the middle of the video

    85. Jesse James Wackyass

      I love you I love you I love you you are a goddess !

    86. Josh Stephens

      I am only 9 and loved when I was 5

    87. SG

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    88. Thaeer Hakki

      I love you my love gaga😚😚😚

    89. Ignacio Salvador Muntadas Ribas

      ok, i love the way she treTs her fans, that is unique omfg!!! she is adorable and cool

    90. Robin Courtney

      If I was there I would be saying are you gonna make the Venus music video 😂😂😂

      1. leigh


    91. Alif Adam

      Lol that wig tho

    92. Jackie Z

      I feel like the only one here who loves, Lady Gaga. Yeah she creepy but, I still love her music.

    93. Jessica Fun time

      @Lady Gaga you look pretty

    94. Alina Watanabe

      i love paparazzi and poker face

    95. Alina Watanabe

      she realy chanched after like 6 years

    96. digischen2

      Congratulations Stephanie on your achievements and thank you for your work. I also want to congratulate and thank you for representing life through a true Italian perspective as you seam so aware of your heritage as demonstrated through your expression and symbolism in relation to the positive effect it has on so many people, from many diverse races and cultures: after 35 years of conteneous education and working 24 years in a field related to cosmology and cultural anthropology, I see such cross-cultural communication to be the height of understanding one's own heritage. Such is important to the survival of any culture as it provides renewal that it should continue and is equally vital to the propagation of humanity. You have truly been given a great gift through your ancestors and H.I.M. and I encourage you in your work. Your "Manifesto of Mother Monster" is consistent with creation stories the world over and that story is what caught my attention in relation to the symbolism in the video. I respectfully gift you with this knowledge. As all things are bound together; all things connect. In hopes it aids you in your own personal growth as a reciprocation for your work. A man named Oberon Zell figured out how to make Unicorn by fusing the two horns of a goat together. In understanding polarity the right horn represents masculine and the left feminine. Fusing them is a rejoining of the polarity to create a third gender that reacts in humanity simular to the way Protrons effect the sub-atomic realm in relation to Electrons and Neutrons. The little monsters in this paradigm are therefore, unicorn. Blessed be Stephanie And thanks for being one of the Roman's greatest philosophers.

    97. Sk

      im a fan im a little monster

    98. starshak

      Lady Gaga is an example of moder women and love for all people

    99. Little Monster

      I love you sooooo much you cant even Imagine Gaga!!!! I wish I Can Hug you one day!!! You really helped me sooo much!

    100. Lim Hout

      actually lady gaga is so nice