Lady Gaga - John Wayne (Official Music Video)


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    Production: Serial Pictures
    Director: Jonas Akerlund
    Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
    Producers: Violaine Etienne, Scott Pourroy, Michel Waxman
    Cinematographer: Par Ekberg
    1st Assistant Director: Andy Coffing
    Production Designer: Emma Fairley
    Editor: Matt Nee
    Post Production: Chimney Pot
    Music video by Lady Gaga performing John Wayne. (C) 2017 Interscope Records

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    1. Tom. gbr

      I will NEVER forgive the gays and the they for letting this flop

    2. Ann

      911 superó en vistas a John Wayne

    3. Sanjeev Khadka

      🤩 H🌹🤣

    4. M Detet


    5. kris pon

      I'm in all situations: 0:10 and 0:24

    6. Kale Black

      Absolutely incredible! CRIMINALLY underrated 🤯😲🙄

    7. Alexandre Tintino

      Gosto muito das músicas da Lady gaga, mais essa é horrível !

    8. Camila Lopes

      Gaga, eu te amoooo!!!

    9. Josefina Poy

      SOMEONE IN 2020

    10. Aline Santos


    11. Николай Чуйков

      Lady GaGa, 🤘class, clip!🔥I love it❤!!!

    12. sour._.pineapple

      This music video is sooo underrated, people will never understand this cinematic masterpiece👺

    13. calesmevi

      Still a bop

    14. Tejaan Music

      Never give up

    15. Veronica Dominguez


    16. Paul Arentsen

      Stop cancel Gays will ya?

    17. Verchiel Clair Asuncion

      oh pls shoot me w ur gun heels queen xp

    18. Leedl bagginshield

      this whole video gives off 100% Sagittarius vibes

    19. anaaya Mil


    20. Juli Lugos


    21. Juli Lugos


    22. cate littlemonsters


    23. Eduardo Poblete

      This is what Venus in Aries means...

    24. Leo Ferraz

      Im john Wayne’s fã and i very gratiful for Gaga do this very good song!!! Congrats from Brazil!

    25. Thiago Oliveira

      Show dance music 🇧🇷

    26. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      haha gaga googoo google for cory and her trike.

    27. M Detet


    28. Felipe Brockveld

      If you are a pig girl Keep that thumb I am not I will not propagate not diagonal or even vertical stripes Horizontal red ones

    29. V Productions


    30. Santiago Quiahua Macuixtle


    31. MK M


    32. Diane Caron

      I wonder what John Wayne would think of this video? I think he would appreciate it! ❤️😊⭐️

    33. and i ዐዐየ

      Paparazzi Telephone Burqa/Aura Haunted John Wayne Marry the Night 911

    34. mxx predali

      gaga screaming at the beginning will always be my favourite thing ever

    35. BIDEN 2020

      it's underrated, but i think this song is so powerful, the music video is great too!

    36. camiPOLLO

      Baby let's get high


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    38. Sarita Henao

      There's something about Gaga's songs that make me feel so free

    39. Aldrin Tirano

      that gun shoes/heels

    40. Ilham M

      0:24 : When you break a glass thing in minecraft

    41. Jarvies Macaraeg


    42. Brody Schultz

      I love this music video as much as the first time I saw it. It passed the time test 🙌

    43. XxMelon SugarxX

      This song makes me wanna steal my own boyfriend

    44. Steven Granados

      Que desvergue 😍😅

    45. chile anyways

      this song is better than ehole chromatics album

    46. Dani Fare

      john wayne's teeth

    47. Cristian Godoy

      43.279.621 01/11/2020 43.314.231 04/11/2020

    48. Cristian Godoy


    49. jose navarro

      PLAY TO 911

    50. Sr DZ

      Me dio risa de como pasamos de Millon reason a John Wayne jajaja

    51. MahoganyEye5

      Which part of LA is this?

    52. Luiseduardo Gaona

      2:47 the only person that could kill gaga is...Gaga

    53. Ann

      Le fallamos a Gaga dejando morir este vídeo

    54. Cristian Godoy

      43.279.621 01/11/2020

    55. Cristian Godoy


    56. Adri Lamp

      She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩...

    57. Adri Lamp

      She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩..

    58. Elian Bandeo

      sigo sin entender but we stan!!

    59. Guxta Caldeira

      This song makes me want to ride a horse and Scream JOHN WAYNE!

    60. calesmevi

      Love this video

    61. Lucas Santana


    62. Aimee Dawn Pritchard

      Best song off this LP

    63. Jared

      John wayne literally hated gay people lol

    64. Indra Raspenzel

      Unexpected videoclips John Wayne and 911.

    65. Pilar Aguilar

      Such an underrated song... I loveeee this

    66. Sergio Jaramillo

      I see this video this Year and i love it! Jhon Wayne si Awesome, incredible, it's Perfection

    67. cleiton reis

      Muito que bem ,pra isso suas cadeiras nao tava quebrada ,agora pra vir para o brsil estavam ne

    68. AriGaga

      So underrated but SO GOOD

    69. Chromatico

      this video is fucking wild... do i feel like a bad boy or go the world looking for one..

    70. cxhen

      This might be my favourite music video behind marry the night and G.U.Y

    71. BARROCO TAROT y ASTROLOGIA Runas Lenormand Kipper

      In 911 there's a car accident too, I guess is an important event in her life but she uses music to talk about it. I admire her art.

      1. Melie305

        @Tere V 😧

      2. Tere V

        Marry the night intro👁👄👁

    72. Felipe Vinícius


    73. Mohamed Germanotta

      i love this song .. one of my fav songs ever

    74. Ahmed a

      I love this song

    75. zia levesque

      amo tanto meu hino injustiçado

    76. aneesa kakakaway ones gonna say anything about the fact she ran over a dog in this video..... not even in 2020...

    77. Fresh JJ Aiken

      Omg they ran over the dog 😂😂😂

    78. R J

      I would play this song for killing spree

    79. MsBtngu

      Awesome song, shit video.

    80. Charlotte

      is this steel ball run

    81. Ibra

      Sooo underrated

    82. Francisco Medina

      John Wayne would love this if he was alive

    83. Kennith Tubbs

      Hell yes I like John wake up America you do to vote Trump he's the closes to the real thing

    84. Ahmed a


    85. Taewoo Taewoo

      2009: she is santanic and to sexual 2020: if showing your body to tell a story is sexual then using your hands while talking is harrassment

    86. Javier Blanco

      This song is so UNDERRATED

    87. White Lie

      So we just gonna let her run over that dog .. 💀💀

    88. Drew T

      This song was supposed to be a cultural reset. We failed as a society to make that happen (Edit) but like its still a cultural reset

    89. Thony 1

      NIAR NO EM

    90. Thony 1

      Rain on me

    91. Lais

      What model of motorcycle is Gaga and tye other guy using? Anybody knows??😅

    92. Joshi E.

      The genres she can sing… disco, dance, country, Latin, house, etc… 😭💖🙌🏻

    93. Amarilis bnda O Lopez

      💍🗽Aka Alexis💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🎱Hotel Baby🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇💸☕🎈

    94. Nicholas Schwear

      This is the most chaotic music video I think I've seen. Its fantastic

    95. leca zo

      i LOVE this song

      1. Ahmed a

        is me

    96. Queen of HAUS LABS my lady Gaga

      I love this song!!!! mommy 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (queen)

    97. Hector Ojeda


    98. Mauricio Correa

      She did this without a double action actor days before the Super Bowl. She was insane.

    99. Hector Ojeda

      Ldkz mñn sbzNa😂👑

    100. Aylin Atik

      How Harley existed: