Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show


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    On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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    1. Mr빛

    2. Αντωνης Κο


    3. Catastrophe Canny the Swiftie

      6:45 I thought that was Roomie for a hot second 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

    4. Catastrophe Canny the Swiftie

      Her vocals are insanely good!!!

    5. TAlAl • 1980🎗

    6. rock ezo


    7. luv

      this performance is definitely the peak of pop culture

    8. Jose Barrientos

      Extravagante y muy en su mundo se lo curra, ⭐🌎💋

    9. Daniel Borůvka


    10. Janny SalMtz

      Mother monster making what she’s best at... Performing like an artist!!! And sing it LIVE

    11. Гулсана Абарова

      Обожаю Леди Гага

    12. Millie Wagner


    13. FE RG

      No sé qué les pasa a los artistas masculinos que no hacen halftime como lo hacen las mujeres están años atrasados con la artistas femeninas y el ejemplo perfecto el de the wekeed y que anteriormente tuvo uno de los mejores halftime de todos los tiempos

    14. Abel Barroso

      Lo mejor de Gaga

    15. G Ma

      Satan worshipper

    16. Wrestling Ecuador


    17. Rhoz Anne Bayani

      She's an artist of a decade, I'm literally crying. I love you Lady

    18. Jeannie Wilson

      Do not forget, the, native Americans, and, the love of the Everyone, Damnit. Wake up ,

    19. Ogulcan Ozdemir

      That dancer who has pony tails makes me 💀 every time i watch thiss legendary show.She is feeling it soo goodd 😂😂

    20. Create Logic

      To the people who are still listening in 2021 are legends!

    21. josé M

      Chora Madonna , ela e fantastica.

    22. József Galla


    23. leonardo fernandez


    24. Guadalupe Vallejos

      😎 😍 🥰

    25. Yeshua I45v8

      Shes always trying to seduce the conservatives

    26. 1991's STUDIO

      đỉnh cao của nghệ thuật biểu diễn ... Love Lady Gaga - from vietnam 2021

    27. •ᴅяєαмвιg•

      L-Lovely A-Amazing D-Dynamic Y-Young G-Gorgeous A- Admirable G- Godess of POP A- Angelic

    28. rem _

      Did she literary change her mic three times in 13 minute? iconic

    29. Giulia Andréa


    30. daisy jazarith jasso jaime

      I love this gurl❤️✨ she made my childhood unforgettable ❤️✨

    31. 1cicistone

      halo GAGA matias

    32. Andrew Flowers

      Ah. The Spectacle!

    33. Thuy Nguyen

      Đúng là đẳng cấp.

    34. Breanna Chittum

      I really really want to go to one of Lady gaga concerts

    35. MB Yanong

      Best of the Best of all times, Amazing Voice,Super great moves, Very Hugguble.. I❤you Lady Gaga! #Ladygaga #mbyanong

    36. Wasllem Cezar

      Após isso ela foi alvo de body shaming e falou:"agora meu corpo se tornou um assunto para debate,eu gostaria de dizer que me sinto orgulhosa do meu e você também deveria se sentir assim em relação ao seu"

    37. SAI NYI

      I don’t know how many time i have watched this performance ever newest satisfied and never old ♥️♥️more than legends love you gaga always proud to be your fan😻😻

    38. 박종기


    39. Music Lover

      2021???? Ohhhh your LEGEND

    40. Tai Chi Goodness

      Best of the best!

    41. Lizandra De Erbiti

      Best performer ever 💜

    42. Audra Schmitt

      did anyone see the guy who fell 2:56 - 2:58? Just me? Okay.

    43. Pix Wyatt

      Omg why is she so amazing?!?

    44. Beth Adkins

      BEST HALFTIME SHOW EVER !!! (and I'm 47 and I saw alot of them)

    45. PUR!

      Iconic jump ever 🤯

    46. Best of Music

      Im not into this kind of music in general but this was amazing, i would love to be there. Amazing performance and show, im speechless.

    47. M VLOG'S | Mila

      She even play piano.. After dancing.. Wow

    48. M VLOG'S | Mila

      She sing and dance. live.. For 14.mins or.more without rest.. She is incredible talented

    49. M VLOG'S | Mila

      She can sing watever she wants.. Pop, rock, ballad

    50. Gabbi Abiera

      11:31 my white blood cells getting in formation to fight corona virus entering my body

    51. martinabolducci

      Best halftime show EVER by the most iconic performer of all time!!! A true LEGEND!

    52. Tea Potsticker

      Not a diss, but no ARTPOP representation 😭 I understand why though 🙂

    53. Nella ARTE danza

      Arte regional realizado para tod@s con cariño y respeto, adaptación leyenda "Tololo pampa " agrupación Takiri-Mandé, desde region de Atacama Chile @

    54. Cathrine Labuschagne

      Still the best voice 👌👑outperformed all

    55. Hugo Guerrero

      Stream ARTPOP 🔵

    56. Feruz Norqulov


    57. AHMAD *H

      They are saying zero sugar.. But this preformins is sweet.. Love you gaga...

    58. Matko Doris


    59. Niranjan S


    60. plolololololoo

      48.033.620 visualizaciones

    61. Rui e Lourenço

      the fact that she's singing the whole thing live is amazing

    62. B Ramos, James Lemuel C.

      on heels, on HEELS

      1. Wowo

        oh god wow i just noticed that

    63. sally wang


    64. Sebastian Smyk


    65. Samuel A.

      The best

    66. Ynes Mendoza

      One of the most iconic ❤️

    67. Armando SG

      This performance goes to the history books

    68. gerardo rojas

      Queen! .👑

    69. Flora Laura

      Wow she jumped not one time but TWO TIMES!! Where did she go?? A beautiful mystery 🤣

    70. sharon poosson officiel

    71. Terrence Billenstein

      That's why I said the portion of the contract he d******

    72. Terrence Billenstein


    73. Terrence Billenstein

      Thank you so much for allowing me to see the trampoline set of the parachute of show me your circle for the last movement of the wranglers of the spirit God bless thee

    74. Terrence Billenstein


    75. Terrence Billenstein


    76. Terrence Billenstein


    77. Earl John Dumagat

      SHES TRULY AN ALL-IN-ONE PERFORMER!!! LOVE YOU MOTHER MONSTER!!! I've rewatched this a lot and cant help but compare her to the other artist who also did the half time show and only a few can carry the entire show with just themselves along with the backup pips....

    78. Ornella Amorim


    79. Ornella Amorim


    80. Justin Kelvianto


    81. Ilaria Bruno

      I C O N

    82. Bintang Adhiya

      God given talent plus hardwork of a warrior = Lady Gaga

    83. Vincent Penido

      The best half time show. I was blown!

    84. Yckarus Smith Ribeiro

      Y dont understand why Y lûv America sooo much.... Putz Gaga, even U... tears down 😭 my face.

    85. Carolina Esqueda

      time to overcome Michael's performance and recognize this is the most epic halftime superbowl show. No hates!

    86. sky and chubbie my fur babies

      i love LADY GAGA.. She's SUPERB.

    87. Jhe Hermoza

      and Really SHE is beutiful in all her way 😍🖤

    88. Al Fern

      Sparkles or not, still satanic and anti American/

      1. Alex Ivy

        its not satanic lol or anti american, its just art

    89. blaise labata

      a legend.

    90. The Arsonist

      I appreciate this so much more just knowing she isn't lip syncing. This woman is a true star.

      1. Joel Cronin

        @Nelson Ruiz imagine thinking they didn’t lip sync but Gaga did... Have you even watched the performances?

      2. Nelson Ruiz

        Reminder you it is better to have a more diverse show and jlo and Shakira gave us it and it was big during COVID-19

      3. Nelson Ruiz

        Shakira and Jlo did better and did not lip sing unlike her who try’s to cause drama

      4. kelly ri

        Same! I just watched her five foot two doc on Netflix literally yesterday and that’s why I’m here ! 😍

    91. Eduardo A. Soumastre M.

      TREMENDA PRESENTACION... L.GAGA..🤓 felicitaciones bella hermosa ☘️☘️😍😍

    92. Terrill Muller

      Absolutely the BEST Half-Time Show!!!!!!

    93. Arbe Bitbit

      Kaya ka nababalian ka ng balakang, talon ka ng talon kung saan saan.

    94. Hazel Anne Simon

      2021 may anyone??

    95. PIA MOON

      Que hueva de show.

    96. SADat4AM

      little known fact about me: gaga doesnt know I exist :(

    97. Victor Creed

      I heard she was a close 2nd in the voting for MVP but TB12 was just too clutch to overtake. Valiant effort though Miss Gaga. 👌

    98. Juliana Ferreyra

      "Hey dad, hi mom" 😭😭

    99. lovy manaog