Lady Gaga - 1000 Doves (Audio)


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    “RAIN ON ME”
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    Music video by Lady Gaga performing 1000 Doves (Audio). © 2020 Interscope Records

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    1. Ronnised

      I think this is the song that Gaga dedicated to all that toxic fans.

    2. Gera

      las mil palomas

    3. Mansoor Yousaf

      i hope chromatica wins something in grammys.

    4. Adnan Hoguçauglu

      #queenofpop #1000doves #bestsongeverladygaga

    5. Gergely Tímea

      This song deserv a music video 💋

    6. Yuitza Segarra

      Gagas songs help me survive a breakup❤😞

    7. Ronnie ortiz ocasio

      I am 1000 doves set me free

    8. Donny Winter

      I am still raging that this song is the underrated gem on the album.

    9. Chiyuu Eddy

      Lady gaga songs in chromatica is like: "Convert negative vibes to positive motivation."

    10. Elratzoe27

      Esta canción está con madre , merece mucho éxito

    11. Walter Moscatiello

      Nice song!!!!!!

    12. Tejaan Music

      Never give up

    13. Lanz Vasily

      ke mal che ninguna buena cancion . como quiero que vuelva la LADY GAGA del 20082011 donde sus canciones eran las mejores

    14. 兼崎瞳


    15. Casey Carrington

      I love gaga so much and this album made me love her way more

    16. Rocco Nour

      This is one of the best song in this album 💿 #beyond

    17. Nadine Lizaso

      Such an upbeat song but I'm crying my eyes out and I love it

    18. André Monteiro

      HINO IN - JUS - TI - ÇA - DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Cristian David Díaz Muñoz

      This song is ART.

    20. jake monster


    21. HOPE


    22. James Model

      Thank you lady Gaga for your support of Biden becoming our 46th president ♥️ hope 🏳️‍🌈


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    24. Brian Taylor

      I cry every time thinking about me and my best friend ❤️❤️ & than start dancing .

    25. native_gypsy33

      Love it!!!

    26. doug thompson

      This shows Gaga's influence by her jazz days with Tony. I love how she now incorporates this into Chromatica. I love the melody of the entire song. Vocals as well as instrumentation. It reminds me of a certain genre not often associated by rockers with the 1960s, but was a hit genre. Dionne Warwick, Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass and Bert Bacharach stuff...that sort of thing. Some of the Motown stuff. Jet Setter and "elevator" music, the kids called it. It was more the young adults who craved it. But some of it I really liked, though wouldn't admit it to my friends at the time. I believe Carole King was a song writer who wrote stuff like this for other stars back then, before she became a star in her own right.

    27. doug thompson

      currently my fave on "chromatica" album. Every song has it's time spent on my number one spot. I am addicted to each and every song on Chromatica. The album is full of hits. That's all it is. A hit album full of hit songs. Each song, if given to another star, would be a smash hit. For whatever reason the people limit what songs they buy from any one artist, or record companies are not sure about putting out all these songs as singles for fear they won't chart high. But then some other artist will record that same song and it becomes a smash hit. And it isn't because they do it better. It is just that way.

    28. Gabriela Amezcua

      I love this song. Is my favorite of chromatica ❤️👏🏻

    29. Manu fiesta

      Esta canción me hace llorar es hermosa

    30. Janae Fechner


    31. Nonetute


    32. Schae

      Why am i late?? Why am I, a late lil' monster??

      1. Schae

        @Hot Stuff ty 🥺🥺

      2. Hot Stuff

        Doesn’t matter, you will always be welcome

    33. Armazi Monster

      So Good!

    34. natalia

      so emotional.

    35. Daniel Izidoro

      Não existe palavras que possam descrever o quanto eu amo essa música!❤

      1. Hernan Morales


    36. john gacy

      I can't believe gaga invented danceable and sad songs at the same time.

    37. john gacy

      Hits me everyday when im down

    38. john gacy

      I really love this one

    39. eye origins

      This sounds so nostalgic 😭 this sounds like a Eurovision song or eurodance

    40. Hernan Morales

      2:23 i want an entire song with this sound 💔💔💔

    41. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Underrated Underrated Underrated Underrated A R T

      1. Hernan Morales

        @Joan García jajsjsjej✨

      2. Joan García

        @Hernan Morales omg i'm laughing so hard i cant-

      3. Hernan Morales

        1000 Doves it's the next single♥️a little video leak:

    42. Katia Dimodugno


    43. pentagono

      Uhm excuse me what😃 this is the less watched from Chromatica? It’s literally the best song of the album the taste of people is literally on the floor😭

      1. pentagono

        @Hernan Morales LMAOO 💀

      2. Hernan Morales

        1000 Doves it's the next single♥️a little video leak:

    44. Luca Bufano

      Special love song. 💚❤

      1. Pipì Cacca

        Also sine from above

      2. Bibi Kaka

        We want grammy

      3. Cantare Ballare


      4. Micaela Romano


      5. Paola Naricchia


    45. Armazi Monster


    46. Sebastián Hoyos

      1000 Doves 🕊

    47. Luis A.


    48. jhon carlo alejo

      Mood 👍👍👍

    49. Jesui San Luis

      listening to this is like a musical blessing

      1. Hernan Morales

        1000 Doves it's the next single♥️a little video leak:

    50. Justin Alcantara

      OMG This song is crazy Good "Lift me up a small nudge "❤

    51. Armazi Monster


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    53. Armazi Monster


    54. Armazi Monster

      The Best!

    55. Lucas Neto

      This song is sooooo emotional! AMAZING!

      1. Hernan Morales

        1000 Doves it's the next single♥️a little video leak:

    56. Vitoria Serafim

      Olá, gostaria de saber se vc eh deus?

    57. Davinson Jaya

      Voten por Lady Gaga

      1. Ana María Quispe Flores

        Gracias por el link, vote por ella como 10 veces por ella en cada categoría en la que está, así haré todos los days.

    58. Armazi Monster


    59. KoKo Sims

      I dare to say this song is more underrated than Gypsy on ARTPOP....

    60. Fernando Daniel Grande Gonzalez

      Master piece !!!!!! 😍🤩

    61. Kyleigh Parnell

      Honestly one of my favorite songs to listen to and stretch to!

    62. Armazi Monster


    63. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art!

    64. Armazi Monster


    65. Armazi Monster


    66. Armazi Monster


    67. Armazi Monster


    68. Armazi Monster


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    70. Delight Loves Movies

      I love Lady Gaga.

    71. Rek Em

      Why am I crying

    72. Nn H

      “I am human invisibly bleeding” diamond lyrics omg 🥺

    73. Armazi Monster

      Dope 💜

    74. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art!

    75. Cantare Ballare


    76. My Helena

      The Mother of Doves

    77. Derik Eatsbrains

      She took us there

    78. O BEIBINHO

      I love this music

    79. Crisnatiel Corporan

      This song makes me feel something I can’t describe nor explain..

    80. Jeric Allen Alfonso

      This song have an emotional meaning. Gaga is such a genius artist. I love you gaga.

    81. Isaac Solano

      There could be 1000 doves in a room that don’t believe in you...

    82. Isaac Copto

      I Love You Steffani

    83. Isaac Copto

      I love you GAGA

    84. Edson henrique da silva

      Lady Gaga foi indicada a 7 categorias do prêmio EMA2020 E vamos votar. Gaga tem que levar esses prêmios

    85. Juan Vitor Miranda

      I love this song, currently I'm reading The grandmaster of demoniac cultivation and this song, for me, tottaly has the energy of WanXian 👁👄👁

    86. schonensommer

      This one is actually a sad song 😭

    87. Jesui San Luis

      Can you feel the injustice? This is literally Gaga screaming for help and not even the little monsters appreciate this masterpiece

    88. J N

      Gaga: i made a very deep and emotional song about how much hurting i am on the inside, but if you have a little bit of faith on me i- Stans: *BOOOORIIING* worst song of the album! Give us babylon haus labs remix you jerk

    89. Milkyway Galazy


    90. The Del 61


    91. Shane Fujiwara

      anyone who think this is anything but the best song in chromatica is not in their right mind. the lyrics are freaking sad.

    92. Baby Boy

      This is for intellectual gays

    93. Mariana Cioffi

      Sounds like my alarm is going off at the end of the bridge...

    94. Camilo Chávez González

      One of my favourite songs from Chromatica. 🥺💕

    95. Treytino

      I hope this gets radio attention tbh its one of the catchiest songs on the album!

    96. Guinstin. Y

      Lady Gaga is the first Queen that I like when Chromatica came out.

    97. George Wang

      Is Gaga ok? 😢😢😢🕊

    98. Маша Кожевникова

      After pain, blood and suffer. After my tragic story of rape, abuse, lies I managed to love one more time. I’ll do anything for you to really see me and my world. See how beautiful you are in it. I adore you. Your arms when you work, your hair when the hat and a rough day turn it into a crow’s nest, your eyes when they are so warm and welcoming and sparkling, your laugh when I make you smile. Your excessive smile... it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my dark and gloomy life. Yet you don’t seem to need any of it. It’s ok. My heart has bled and will bleed more. I’ll keep it deep inside where you can’t hear it’s cry. It heals and bursts back into a red rain each time it sees your excessive smile...”

    99. R G

      i was nervous about moving out of my hometown and starting all over but i got the job after months of unemployment :( and im feeling very hopefull and happy now 🕊🥰

    100. Cristopher Alejandro Bustamante Sandoval

      Esta es una de mis favoritas de chromatica