Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - Anything Goes (Studio Video)


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    TONY BENNETT & LADY GAGA: CHEEK TO CHEEK will be released on September 23.

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    1. João Pedro Daniel Pereira Santos

      Miss you Tony..

    2. Alex Gabriel Maiolatesi Petit de Murat

      Gaga i love forever❤😍

    3. le tuan

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    4. Melvy Fernando

      Loveeee 😍😍😍

    5. Elissa 2019


    6. Blane Noel

      I'm big Fan Lady Gaga!

    7. Grace Nance

      Lady Gaga can sing any time, any way. She is pure perfection love her ♥️


      Gamers Music

    9. The Phantom

      OK...hear me out. Lady Gaga playing Barbara Streisand in a Biopic.

    10. Nicole Theunissen

      Change your ways,to one,turn from lust right now💯⚠️ for What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul 💤wake up all😴..REPENT❗🩸 . . . .

    11. Kevinomar Sanchez


    12. Augusto Soares


    13. Vintage Oldies Music

      I swear, every shot is a different outfit/hairstyle/look of Lady Gaga's!

    14. Heather Kirby

      I love Tony & he is so fabulous with his duets. I really love lady gaga's versatility, great voice also. Thanks Tony, you're the best❣🎶

    15. EJ iz dead

      Classic 💓💯

    16. Oscar Wilde

      2021 anyone?

    17. Future Philanthropist

      this should be a great record

    18. anna delgadillo

      Etoso was the younger younger women women who younger younger girls women than girls who are e AweD was the younger F who women women younger women women who younger younger than younger younger Q and women younger women women who younger younger girls than girls who women women younger women women COD was a great day beautiful year younger than women women younger women women who younger younger

    19. Canonge H


    20. BTS


      1. arts

        Girl not EVEN the jazz album. Get a life

      2. mete

        gaga ended b0ts let that sink in

    21. Matt Hancock

      Love eternal for her. Already a living legend.

    22. Orangely ASMR

      *MY TIMELESS JAM!* 🔥

    23. Ruben Elias

      I started listening to this song in 2016. I love this song.

    24. Canonge H

      A Legend

    25. Keith Dominic Baranda

      Lady gaga needs to be titled the queen of music👑👑

    26. sus

      I love this kind of gaga

    27. Rosa Dalessio



        Yes, she is like Amy winehouse, sometimes

    28. Aldair Oviedo


    29. iago eduardo bonort

      CTC 2 vem aí

    30. diego montaño


    31. diego montaño


    32. diego montaño


    33. diego montaño


    34. Mauro Martínez

      Cheek to Cheek Part 2, coming soon!

    35. Adeilson Ferreira

      All our love to Tonny Bennett who helps Gaga in the worst moment of her life. Thank you Tonny for bielive in our mother monster. We luv u! Hope you feel better

    36. random observer

      Gaga's persona and typical work has never been for me, but her work on these duets proved to this lover of different styles of music just how much talent she has. Always interesting when artists do well in crossover work.

    37. edsnotgod

      Gaga's such a fabulous hermaphrodite, it reminds me of the days when gays and trans lined up at NYCs Studio 54 to show all those prude square pop stars their fabulous dance and sex moves right there on the dance floor.

    38. Matheus Dias


    39. Adriano Paredes Chamorro

      C2C II is coming!!

      1. Cristophereinee Crackleheinee

        Super excited. As little monsters its our jobs to give it all the views it shall deserve!

    40. Storytelling by Noblesse

    41. Mappi Eat World

      I like the og more..... but still good

    42. Mr. Lahey

      Way to ruin something beautiful

    43. paula HOLMES

      Tony Bennett didn't want to sing with Lady Gaga. Joe Biden the devil and the antichrist ugly witch Harris made him do I. Tony Bennett can sing, Lady Gaga can't sing, who needs her? Who?

      1. M.U.W The First

        Dude you need some help

    44. Nimas Deva


    45. tiziano iammarino


    46. Hello from the Outside?

      I can’t listen this album in the Apple Music of China!!

    47. Jomilly Van Beethoven

      I think about NY every time that I listen to this song

    48. Hidelbrando Neto

      G. G h

    49. Isaias Aguirre

      Wait a second, This the Intro Song *Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.* :o

    50. Kássia Kelly Pereira Porto


    51. Kássia Kelly Pereira Porto


    52. Julieta Branco


    53. Skyhunter _27

      ugh the lack of intelligence in this song, so damn simple. Cole Porter would clearly notice the exaggerated

    54. Triangle Book

      She’s a New Yorker

    55. Makarios Petlya

      Who’s From October 2020?

    56. Matheus Wallace da Cruz

      Sem palavras,que demais

    57. Rose Vlogs

      🇺🇲 Saudades dessa parceria 🇺🇲

    58. Όσιρις Κωνσταντίνοι

      She is unique. She is amazing. Because we all love her... anyway.✨✨✨✨😊

    59. Fabio Silva


    60. Felipe Mizael

      In olden days, a glimpse of stocking Was looked on as something shocking Now, heaven knows, anything goes Good authors too who once knew better words Now only use four letter words writing prose Anything goes The world has gone mad today And good’s bad today And day’s night today And black’s white today When most guys today that women prize today Are just silly gigolos And, though I’m not a great romancer I know that you’re bound to answer When we propose, anything goes The world has gone mad today And good’s bad today And day’s night today And black’s white today When most guys today that women prize today Are just silly gigolos And, though I’m not a great romancer I know that you’re bound to answer When we propose, anything goes Anything goes Anything goes Anything goes

    61. Storytelling by Noblesse

    62. 遠藤遠藤

      From Japan, I love anything goes!!

    63. m p

      tonino, bravisssimo.....

    64. Deum Ito

      Dont know why, but suddely I miss Amy Winehouse

      1. M.U.W The First


    65. Helen Mendoza K

      Lady gaga is the best singer in this generation no questions

    66. Lilly Brown

      nobody is talking about tony bennet

    67. carolyn thompson

      Lady Gaga is the bomb! Love these old standards by her and Tony Bennett. 🤍🤍🤍

    68. Sally Bowles

      this is really good

    69. Viola Ria

      What a goddess of music

    70. Edgarda Zebe

      Why gaga always look to her right side everytime she says "gigolo"?

    71. Edgarda Zebe

      Im here coz spotify ads, and I love it

    72. F S S

      Please could someone identify this genre and recommend more songs like this? Thanks!

    73. C6 Modellsport

      Two things to take away from this: One: She has some damn pipes. She needs to drop the autotune bland pop bullshit and start putting out proper tracks; she's clearly capable of doing so. I'd probably become a regular fan if she'd shift over to a metal style, sans autotune. Ain't enough ladies in rock I say. Two: In spite of 1, this version is blah. I'll stick to enjoying the original from Cole Porter. They really odn't make 'em like they used to....

    74. Ru Pagi

      La versatilidad de Lady Gaga es impresionante!!!!!!!!! Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!! 💖 💖 💖 💖

    75. Ally

      She can do whatever she wants ❤️

    76. Armazi Monster

      Lady Gaga is The Queen of MUSIC!

    77. Armazi Monster

      Absolutely Perfect!

    78. Armazi Monster

      Legends Only!

    79. Armazi Monster


    80. Armazi Monster

      Underrated Art ❤

    81. dOgo LiFe

      Why dont they play these songs in fancy elevators T_T

    82. Mikael Wise

      Gaga has always been one of my favorite artist because she so amazing and utterly talented beyond measure

    83. Joana Cavalcante

      A entireness. Singer. Iloved

    84. 냠냠

      LOVE YOU GAGA! YOU ARE THE BEST ARTIST EVER! (I don't have any reasons. i just want to scream about Ladygaga's perfection)

    85. Nathaneil Watkins

      Terrible the Cole Porter version is the only true version.

    86. 푸른돼지

      I'm thingking Newyork

    87. Beatriz Saccani


    88. samara rae

      i can't stop smiling 😍

    89. Piotr Juszczak

      You are The Best

    90. Emily

      meu Deus! essa mulher tem voz pra tudo!! desde o pop até o country e o jazz prefeita demais 😍

    91. Ricardo Campos

      I wanna listen this album during Christmas

    92. Вікторія Журавська

      I became love jazz because this Masterpiece💙💛

    93. TailshhGaming

      Whos here after playing Fallout4?!

    94. Feliguay Fu


    95. Lubi Pluas

      I can't understand how people don't love cheek to cheek ❤❤

    96. Blaine Fiasco

      Was gaga born in the wrong era? She fits Jazz way too much XD

    97. Quan Vibes

      Some of my peers may not know but I love love LOVE singing this type of music. It fits my voice so well and that’s why I can vibe to it so well.

    98. cathouse

      Talent of Riri + Katy + Nicki Minaj + Miley < talent of GAGA Pure genius

    99. Nick Moore

      Personally I think her voice is just awful. What a slap in the face to real music.

    100. g r e l l s g l a s s e s

      Kids from my school are telling that she sounds like a goat and i just want to punch them in the face.