Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (Rehearsal from Cirque Royal)


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    1. John Alger Sr.

      Dam she can dig the hell outta jazz great job god bless u

    2. Kamila Litkowiec


    3. Sarah Buko


    4. A Lili Fan

      cheek to cheek was such a fancy era. i loved the album sm, i hope gaga performs jazz with mr. tony bennett again.

    5. saz bat

      She has tuned in perfectly to the style and essence of the time ! She’s amazing 😍🤩

    6. Julieta Branco


    7. Kathy A

      Wow! My new favorite rendition of the Richard Rogers classic.

    8. cristian angulo orellana

      me encanto esta performance . me encantaria escucharla algun dia en vivo

    9. Otis Roseboro

      They should make a Christmas album

    10. Otis Roseboro

      Tony Bennett & lady gaga

    11. Diego Araga

      This is my favorite Gaga hairstyle

    12. Matheus Cardim

      her voice was born to sing jazz

    13. Lynne Heather


    14. E C

      I think I love this the most out of everything she done. Absolutely lovely🥰

    15. Storytelling by

    16. pija luc

      i loved this, i love it and I will always love it.. Sending Love from Chromatica

    17. Karina Ruiz JimDandy

    18. B9Bot 1

      She does these songs really so great.

    19. prateek kumar

      Princess Margaret brought me here.

    20. carolyn thompson

      Lady Gaga is fantastic. This old standard showcases her amazing voice. Love her and Tony Bennett duet. 🧡

    21. mami wata

      Damn, Girl. Icon

    22. Joseph Wilson

      She looks so like Amy Winehouse. It's sad they never got to work together. Both versatile, eccentric unconventional beauties.

    23. Jomz Mateo

      I love this

    24. Felipe Vinícius

      wonderful song 🖤

    25. Perry Weiner

      Oh, dear: She sings the bowdlerized lyrics. She probably doesn't know the original ones. And I have to say, she's "jazzy"! It seems forced. "Couldn't sleep/And wouldn't sleep/Until I could sleep where I shouldn't sleep..." All those marvelously ribald lyrics and she squanders iit!

    26. Curoloo Sings


    27. Elizabeth -

      Poor dog is probably deaf now.

    28. ian1856

      I LOVE the two of them together. Giants!

    29. tinytatertot

      She beautifully carrys out this tune

    30. Géraldine Maigné

      So authentic.

    31. Mathieu LEGROS

      She's not adored for what she does the best. Here is the place to be. 🤩😎👌

    32. joe

      she has an excellent voice for sure, but her phrasing/etc is IMO nothing special. maybe she should go back to the circus clown routine.

    33. Mirko Vukoslavovic

      From this to Chromatica (НРОМАТИКА) she is serving us class. Стил. Так классно.

    34. Vile Human

      Oh shit. 😮 😮😮

    35. 이주원


    36. Вікторія Журавська

      Her voice made for jazz💖

    37. Lynn Miller

      Excellent! This girl has chops!

    38. Tonetwisters

      Boy. A bit of delay working there ...She can do it all. But I wish UTub would quit putting up those promos for other things at the end of everything ... you can finish watching the video for crying out loud!

    39. izmire54

      Wow. I'm always addicted to Ella's original version. But how well a popular pop music singer perform. s.

    40. Ганаагийн Суваг

      I don't know, but everytime I listen this masterpiece, I always think about King George VI and Princess Margeret. Crown.

    41. Jean-Luc Bersou

      Absolute talent and beauty . A musical PERFECTION . The LADY GAGA's comping partners are in Heaven I am ....SO WE ARE !!!!

    42. Misty Chamberlain


    43. Armazi Monster

    44. Felipe Vinícius


    45. 坂巻洋


    46. z1522

      I believe the serendipitous combination of Bennett and Gaga has been revitalizing for each. He is a master at harmonizing with so many, and brings out the nuanced, dimensional qualities in her voice, which few current singers have. With songbook classics she is a match for the greats, from Holiday, to Vaughan, to Garland, with her emotive stylings, really harking back to the era of great vocal stylists, particularly capable of embuing a song with depth and a sense of sincerity. Most modern singers are woefully lacking in real vocal sophistication or inflective range, relying on "runs" and embellishments which rarely match the requirements of the song. The rut leads to the singing equivalent of a guitar god solo, mostly flash and devoid of content. I was really appreciative they used Edith Piaf's "La Vie En Rose" in the beginning of "A Star is Born." The song is a classic, somehow infusing a melancholy sense of longing, heartache, yearning for something lost, without understanding a single word.

    47. imonthebox1

      Bloody awful.

    48. imonthebox1

      Not one mention of the writers behind this song. Richard Rodgers music, Lorenz Hart lyrics.

    49. Katy Day

      2020? 😊

    50. Lady Ellen Sings

      Another one of my favourites!

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        Icon Lady Gaga

    51. Celestil Bernas


    52. Joe Valdrighi

      Stephanie is so much better than Lady Gaga and she will last forever Lady Gaga can't

    53. Joe Valdrighi

      Stephanie is incredibly good I wish she do more

    54. grooverunner

      Two of the best of examples of singer who have "it".

    55. The Nonsense Buffer

      Some day I'm going to get over that I saw Lady Gaga in a meat dress and be a real fan. This is amazing, like Jazz before television ruined music...

    56. Randy Evans

      The best of the best !! Sensational performance😎💜🌈

    57. angel smith

      A beautiful magnificent and magical voice, so happy Lady Gaga chooses to share all her amazing talents with us all💗💗💗💗

    58. Joe Valdrighi

      Stephanie is in a class of her own..

    59. Leo Ribeiro

      Who's watching in 2019? Love this song

    60. The Official Andy Saenz

      I would like to hear an album of jazz standards from the magnificent Lady Gaga! This is my favorite side of her artistry: simple, pure, unadulterated, acoustic, and classic.

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        Queen Gaga

    61. Goldmasterx

      Horribly sucks,what a pathetic era

    62. bmh2004

      This is the second time I’ve seen Lady Gaga collaborating with Tony Bennett, she has shown diversity how she can sing classic songs.

      1. Rick Mendez

        bmh2004 you should defy check out all the live or studio videos of cheek to cheek!

    63. Klaus

      Who’s here after watching that scene from The Crown

      1. Shashank !


      2. Pongpol Kamonwaradech


      3. Bitchface Hopkins


    64. Madeline Tramantano


    65. Soledade Cantanova de Maio


    66. Michael Nicola

      So, Tony Bennett was.....where?

    67. Lola Leon

      2019? 👏❤

    68. Kuth70

      Ho-lee-fuck! Wow.

      1. Horacio Gonzalez

        She was jazz singer in west manhattan👀👀

    69. Laura Souza

      2019? ☺👏

    70. The Official Andy Saenz

      Please make and release a jazz album, Gaga! Thank you.

    71. Sebastian Coy Cuervo

      OMG What a talent ❤️

    72. The Official Andy Saenz

      Gaga is totally in her zone here! She started her career as a jazz artist, so it only makes sense that she goes back to basics. Her voice is perfect for jazz!

    73. Caroline

      Waouh !


      ..... SO ...SO... SO.... SO I LOVE YOU MOMY MONSTER

    75. Vince F

      Her voice is too incredible for just pop music! And I love Gaga as a brunette

    76. Armazi Monster


    77. Armazi Monster


    78. Chromatica

      Better than the studio version. Gaga needs to make a live album of this and other jazz songs

    79. Charlemagne Bildgefilter

      Yes. She's fantastic. But how much of the lyric subtly did you miss? So often people think that a "big performance" is the most important part - but for this song I believe the story is more important. It's funny and when it was written it was scandalous. Most performers don't sing the scandalous parts. Lady Gaga is awesome.... but I'd tell her to act the lyric and sing the full version. To hear the full lyric go here:

    80. Vale V

      "Born" to sing, perform, entertain, write music, dance, act, create, imagine, dream and make people listening to her dream, imagine and create... Born an artist indeed. And with what passion

    81. Sally O'Brien

      Some in the comments saying she could strip away the Gaga character now - it was just craziness to get noticed. Gaga is theatrical. She studied the performing Arts. She wears costumes for her Jazz era too. She can't be disintegrated by killing a part of her personality that comes naturally to her. Her performance at Met Gala this year says it all. She could use her original name and specialize in jazz or rock or acting or musical theatre on Broadway but whatever she does she'll take her Gaga theatricality with her.

    82. Richard Wallace

      Fantastic, and Mike Renzi is the greatest accompanies!

    83. Kimmy B

      What a voice

    84. Aga

      Gaga jest super utalentowana! Uwielbiam ją w tej odsłonie! 😍

    85. Ivenylon Onglais

      Beautiful! I can clearly hear her amazing voice w/o those upbeat instrumentals overpowering her gorgeous voice.

    86. Noah .-.

      # Gaga Adele

    87. umm huh?

      Back when she was with Taylor 😥

    88. SiberianCypress

      Hell yes! Now you're using your voice, lady! I fully get that it takes flamboyance to get to the top, but the pop stuff never really hooked me. But this...this I could listen to all day, every day.

    89. eric abgrall

      Je préfère la version d'Ella Fitzgerald. Tout les "Rodgers and Hart" ont été cent fois revisités. Difficile d'innover sur un standard pareil. Surtout avec Tony Bennett...

    90. richardvilseck

      I really didn’t expect to be amazed.

    91. Margie Hitchon

      Love Gaga - swear I hear some of Judy garland too

    92. Luka Taylor

      It do be real posner hours out here

    93. Melissa Cruger

      God daaamn that ending tho

    94. Maria Jolanta Piskorowska


    95. Nicoletta Cinci

      Now that's what i call an Artist!

    96. Nóra Hidvégi

      thank you for showing the musicians' names!!!!!!

    97. esmere00 ahboh

      that's my queen.

    98. Rebecca Speight

      Elton John videos

    99. Lori Ann Bishop Tauber


    100. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

      I just listened to the sound of an angel 💔