Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - But Beautiful (Live)


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    1. Ayman king

      Just do it that

    2. Shirley Menezes

      She's a Queen.

    3. Hendrik Tetelepta


    4. RUSSTY

      I just had this random urge to listen to this song. Im blessed..

    5. Kamila Litkowiec


    6. Matheus Wallace da Cruz

      But beautiful beautiful

    7. Mary Catherine

      Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are Beautiful I know.

    8. Eowyn Lady of Ithilien

      I love how when Tony Bennett sang ("it" being Love) "and it's quiet...", then Lady Gaga said to the audience "shhhh" and everyone STFU. LOL.

    9. Summer

      너무 슬프고 아름다운 곡.. 기리야 잘가..

    10. 一升庵


    11. Lindsey Carribean

      Gaga is a brut diamond 💎

    12. Linda Sargent

      Just an amazing voice most incredible vocal it's such a pleasure to listen to

    13. takashi imai

      ガガ様、普通にjazz vo 上手くて草

    14. jose ceraia

      " LADY " Gaga ! Great singer, great musician and a real lady !

    15. Igor Motta

      Essa música é linda. 2020 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    16. kraze fag

      Pls little Monsters help this video get a 1M views on THwikis cause Gaga was here

    17. Robert Thomas

      They don't need autotune! Just a good tube amp and away they go!

    18. Lee Hayton

      Damn! Thats great.

    19. Dominic Cugliari

      I don’t dislike the singers, I dislike the styles. (In most cases, sometimes I do dislike the singers), this is an instance where I do like Lady Gaga.

    20. Henrique Viana


    21. Lady Ellen Sings

      Dose not get much better then that!!!!

    22. Lady Ellen Sings

      Wow what amazing talent!!

    23. Joe Valdrighi

      So glad they collaborated because it's electric

    24. Miss Giselle

      The song brings tears to my eyes damn.. love is so complex but beautiful ended

    25. Always Sinatra

      This was just beautiful 💕

    26. Lord Cold

      2019? 😙❤

    27. Pedro Salazar

      That was so BEAUTIFUL

    28. The Avengers

      Lady Gaga is such a class act.. Without her Modern day Marie Antoinette acts n costumes.. The lady is platinum n rescinds America's greatest age of music

    29. BERRYCAN

      Her voice is just phenomenal and protean

    30. Karla Olala

      She's amazing

    31. Ralf Andersen


    32. Jimmy Clasico Romantico

      me agrada ver que esta artista moderna se relacione con semejante artista y haga que la juventud moderna se rodee de espectacular composiciones

    33. bsc nyc

      Mobiling still! Thanks for the company lady Gaga!! Many thanks thisboy!!! How nice ofyou to share these lovely songs 😍❤️❤️❤️&vidal

    34. Alexandru Olteanu

      Beautiful performance. The band's musicians are also great, and they deserve to be mentioned in description.

    35. Luis García

      I love Lady Gaga

    36. Jak Arnould


    37. Jay DeLuca

      Where did this concert occur? Looks like Europe.


      The time slot can be a little tricky....No worries ma' ...I got what you need...get mad. Its o.k. with me.

    39. luvstellauk

      I love this performance

    40. Debbie Mclaughlin

      I adore, this music, A I grew up with this, my mom's music. I listen to this genre of music of an afternoon, kind of getting towards dusk, with a fine Bourbon toddy in hand. I'll have a couple and wish I was listening to them in person.

    41. Jochem Bootsma

      We need the full show!

    42. João Alves

      Saudades dessa era maravilhosa. Gaga, você é perfeita.

    43. bay hoh


    44. J024

      It's not just her singing, she even acts like the greats of the past on stage. Total class and talent.

    45. Annatjie Meyer

      Gaga and Bennett_Brilliant

    46. lucas s.s

      the gaga singing jazz is beautiful, i love jazz🎤🎹💕

    47. Nikhil Kansotia

      Underrated af

    48. Cesare Rossetti


    49. fande arquimedes

      This is unreal. O my god. No words. It seems like a dream.

    50. erick hidayat

      soooo buttery smooooooooth..... i am melting inside.....

    51. Louis Felice

      01st October 2014 : 6 hours after out : 10 521 Views 2 043 Likes 31 Dislikes 185 Comments 01st October 2017 : 3 Years !! 564 184 Views 10 000 Likes 252 Dislikes 541 Comments 01st October 2018 : 4 Years !! 594 070 Views 10 992 Likes 257 Dislikes 566 Comments 01st October 2020 : 6 Years !! 674 288 Views 12 087 Likes 271 Dislikes 591 Comments

    52. Ane Rateur

      Amo 💟💝💟

    53. Luanderson Bezerra

      lady gaga ♥

    54. RedLegs13B

      She's an amazing Jazz singer. I hope she does more Jazz. She was a Jazz singer in her younger years.

    55. Kelly Goerbig

      I hate to compare apples to oranges, but damn Lady Gaga's melodic portion, sure reminds me of Maynard Ferguson's Flugel Horn melody he plays. Great stuff!

    56. Fex Marryn

      Tony. y. Gaga. Son. Grandiosos :)

    57. Emily Lei

      i konw it sounds funny but honestly this live touches my soul

      1. aserta

        No. It doesn't sound funny. It's common, or well, was common years ago when music meant more.

    58. Pollo Photo

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    59. Tam Nuñez

      both are amazingly amazing

    60. Charly Yam

      amo esta canción

    61. Raw Egg TV

      Te amo você é um grande amor....te amuuuuu!

    62. Kenneth Campos

      August 2016 and yeah I'm still watching this beautiful show ❤️

    63. Ana Carla


    64. Daniel Donnini

      01:20 so cute these boy 😍😍😍😂

    65. Aldair Oviedo


    66. MrMountain123

      Their voices are like two big sticks of budd-ah! Beautiful...

    67. Saidi libahara


    68. Lula Earle

      Thanks to Lady Gaga she has introduced this beautiful music to people that would probably have never have heard it before.

      1. Noble Wolf

        Yes....most of her fan base are young people, including me and she made me fall in love with Jazz and acoustics . Something I never thought id like

      2. Margie

        I hear the yadayada about she has no business singing with Tony Bennett. Are you kidding? Just listen to her here... And she respects Tony AND the music.

      3. Lezlie Miguel

        +JAKE NZRSK she's releasing another jazz album with tony Bennett for his 90th birthday she's also releasing her pop album lg5 but there's no exact date

      4. Jake N.

        I can sing along to the whole Cheek to Cheek album thanks to her introducing us to this genre. I wouldn't be interested otherwise. I hope she releases another album like this along with a pop album this year.

      5. Lucas morais


    69. Ibtissam Faraj

      i love lady she is so resbectfull ❤

    70. ARTPOP Canon


    71. Juan Zoe Mondragón Ramírez


    72. MusicHIStory

      I will admit I'm impressed by lady gaga. you go girl.

    73. dhruba intisher

      lady gaga makes beyonce look super overrated! ! and Jessie j a sexed up goat! no offense by Dubbs.

    74. maria Piñeiro Perez

      I never liked jazz music but when i hear her, yaaaaaaaaassssss! She es the queen , i love her soooo muuuuuuch !

    75. Raphael Kaiston


    76. Marianela R


    77. Willie Rush


    78. jaime roberto chombo

      Te amo gaga max kui ninguem nexty mundo

    79. Marcus Pellegrino

      Can't wait to hear these two beautiful people's voices at Radio City! Such talents! ❤️

    80. Joe April

      I'm a 49 man and this woman is out of this world! Two incredible Italian performers!!

    81. Kaite Turner

      Lady gaga cool

    82. CheekTo Cheek

      The #CheekToCheekTour continues tonight...... Congratulation Gaga & Tony!!!

    83. Chris Chow

      0:07 She shushed the crowd on the word quiet hahaha

    84. Joseph Medina


    85. sueli hana

      Lady GaGa is the best!

    86. luis baez choque

      She may not have many views with #Cheektocheek but damn it, she's so talented and I'm fuckin' lovin' this album

    87. Ron Morales

      Wow. Listening to this via headphones is like drinking cognac. Smooth. Instant fan here.

    88. Meksibau84

      Gaha is anti-mainstream i think, when everybody sing while twerking she sings with another way

    89. Leonardo Paternostro

      I´m in love with woman...

      1. Leonardo Paternostro

        with this woman... i mean

    90. Nico Fratianno


    91. Eric Kolkey

      This is pretty great. This is a good performance, but I know that Gaga can do even better. I would love to see Bennett and Gaga in a small to medium sized venue. That likely won’t happen, but it would be quite the event. I will be interested to see what Gaga does next. I still think she can be back on top of the pop charts if she will stay away from music business people and their “ideas”. Gaga made great music and had great ideas when she was unknown with no money. She can do it again. This jazz and standards thing is very cool. Gaga has a great voice! If she starts doing musicals though, I am going to throw up. Please do not let that happen! Musicals are not what they once were. Now they are cheeeeeeezy!

    92. Natalie Sheets

      chills holy shit

    93. Joseph Bastide

      They are great together !

    94. frispo73

      Face it ! She can do pop and jazz very well !

      1. david kiria

        rock too

    95. Claudio Gnocchi

      She was FIRST a great pianist & jazz singer, her original songs way back in NY City are even better!

    96. Marc C

      This the voice I heard several time before the gags persona was created, clear and beautiful

    97. Denisse Lang

      Love this .. she is so beautiful :)

    98. sega

      Brrr, stop it plz; Lady Gaga has bad voice, but she trying to sing

    99. mdarq470

      People, just listen to this lady singing jazz, Beautiful!!! In case you didn't notice, the guy next to her is Tony Bennett.

    100. Vincent Farace

      Lady gaga is unique the best, she is the only female specialist in all type of music.

      1. God Jihyo

        Why is this a comment on a 2ne1 video😂😂😂